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Mystic wealth

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kindlefire Provide Value for Money - Price Against Features

The Kindle fire has finally been launched and the question is will  the Fire  Burn  up   the sales of china made  tablets such as  the product range from SmartDevices ,  Wits , Ainol  , Cube  or EKEN .
Smart G7 

Well, as  the Kindle Fire is not due to for  released  for  International market except  maybe  for UK  and Canada  by next year . Presently  the Unit is still on Pre-Order Basis  and may be available for Christmas in the  US this year  . There is off course  a workaround on the delivery in our  last article on Amazon’s   Kindlefire , which   explain the procedure  on how to  order the  Unit  via  concierge services , and  overseas  fans of kindle  can  still access  to it to  be  early birdie   rather then  late to be Angry Birds .

Certainly the Amazon Kindle Fire  seems to be  a “  Good  Buy  “although people are concerns over the privacy aspect of the Kindle Soft web browser. As the  Amazon’s  silk  browser   use  Amazon’s own databanks   and  it will know exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve done on the web.   But based on its Published price , It seems  the price  of the kindlefire  will most  likely   is will  blow a hole in the sales of  China  cheap tablet pcs such as the  Eken , Cube , Wits  , Ainol   etc ……..
 The  latest  casualty could  be the  Smartdevice 7 G   , which  recently  has it  new product  launch  which   was developed  to compete  with the Galaxy Tab .
Smart G7 

Comparison of Kindlefire with China  Import Tablet
Some of the  difference in comparison   are mentioned as follows ;
China Tablet

Screen: They both sport a multi touch colour screen. Both  resolution of the Kindle fire and G7  comes in at 1024 pixels
Processor: There no information on the power on the Kindle Fire processor other than it’s dual core. Rumour is that it is going to have a clock speed of 1GHz. The  Smart G7 with a clock speed of 800  Mhz
Memory: There no official release of the amount of RAM memory that will be available on the Kindle Fire while the  Smart G7  comes complete with 512MB of RAM.  Internal storage of the Kindle Fire is 8GB while the  Smart G7  comes in at half at  4GB. External storage through SD card is not available on the Kindle Fire but the Smart G7  has a micro SD card slot that can take up to 32GB cards.
China Tablet 

Connectivity: Both units use wifi as access to the internet and  has  USB  cport .
TV connection: Kindle fire lacks a HDMI connection to allow direct connection to a TV while the Smart G7  has a HDMI connection.
Camera: Both the Smart G7   and   Kindle Fire has no camera  

Operating system: Both units run the Android 2.3 OS while the Fire system has been heavily modified by Amazon the Smart G7  is android upgradeable  to latest version
 It still worth considering  buying a cheap Chinese import if you are looking for an affordable tablet PC. You’ll still get more features out  for the money even if Amazon has produced a great value tablet in the Kindle Fire.

But fairly based on Price / ratio on features, truly the Kindlefire is  definite  a Value for Money  Product , despite some  small short coming .

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