Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Wealth of Mobile Social Media Intelligence

 How  Social Media   and Mobile technologies  are changing the  way  people  interact  with brands.

Today  both  Consumers  and Marketers  are  increasingly   surfing  information  and  connecting
with each other  through  the technological platform  .They blog  and  are  quick to share their 
 views  especially  with easy access  from  their  Mobile  gadgets  and Smartphones   .
The mobile technology  has brought  forth a  revolutionary transformation in the way we 
communicate with each other.

Successful  enterprises   and marketers must therefore  find  new strategies to engage
  to consumers  ,the  requirement   to remain innovative and ahead of the latest trends has
 encouraged brands to implement mobile applications and online platforms more and more.

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New technologies that are frequently being used by  people  to communicate like sms  ,
tweeting  and micro blogging  while  on the move will be of utmost  significance for enhancing
your brand’s interaction with consumers, especially when you are looking to achieve a ‘cool’
technological effect  for the user. Consumers are savvier  nowadays  and they prefer to
use interactive  technologies  which  enhanced their profile  in front of their friends and associates     
Therefore businesses   will  need to understand  the  urgency  to use   mobile initiatives  
and social networking  to engage with consumers as  it  will lead to improved sales  and
 important  customer feedback.

How  do you harness the power of social media  and mobile interactivity  to its  fullest potential ?

Mobile Social Media Intelligence Outlook

Mobile  Social  Media Intelligence  report  will  give a brief insight  with simple stats  of the
rapid growing  market of   social networking  thru  such Mobile  gadgets  together    with  
Web  based social  networking sites   and  provide  an overview of the emerging  Mobile  
Social media Platform 

New Windows 8 Provide Wealth of New Browsing Experience

Mobility + Adaptability  from docking  base with keyboard ,convertible laptop to Touchscreen AIO system  .Microsoft has  look  into  these trendy  requirement  and has  redesigned their  interface of operating system so that  it become  easy to navigate with just your fingers.

With the new  windows 8, Microsoft want to move users to a new trend  home screen called the
Start Screen , which has been designed from scratch , to make use of its touch interface.

Pinning Tiles style is the new trend  and it does  brighten up the screen viewing concept , just like
 other touchscreen tablets where installed apps  can be   easily  access  from this screen. User
 may ‘’pin’’ their  favourite Web pages and other links onto the start screen.

While it is normal   to make use of mouse and keyboard to navigate the start screen, this seems
less intuitive than using your fingers, as sweeping across the screen easily brings up new menu
Touch  or swipe  ,this are common function  on mobile  phones and user will quite easily  get 
used to   navigating  around  the new windows 8 new  start screen using its  touchscreen  interface.

Get familiar  with  the Navigation


Swiping inwards from the left edge of the screen takes you back to the previous app like
a “return” Function .When using a mouse, point the cursor to the top-left it down or point
to the bottom left corner and then move it up for the same effect. Try swiping  inward
from the left of the screen ,then swipe back ,the last six apps still in open  running will
fall into a line bar
Swipe in the CHARMS Function

Swipe inwards from the right edge of the screen and set of five icons, called charms,
will appearIf you have a mouse, move the cursor to the top-right corner of the screen 
and then move it down. You can also aim for the bottom-right corner  then  call up
Charms from any program or any Window you are in.

Here are how the Charms work

Search  function

An  intelligent search system which  quickly find  and locate  specific document, photo
,file and  even apps . The  Search  function is context – specific and allow   to search
for what you are looking for within an app or folder.
For example, when you search within a Microsoft word document or within the Windows
 Store, the results will be different as Search understand you are looking in different locations.

Social Sharing

Use the share charm to share photos, Documents,video ,  web articles and maybe a app
game you discovered with your friends.There are all the function here  to get connected 
to friends  or business associate using this function  . Sending a Weblink via an a e-mail
messaging ,or  bookmarking or tagging  can be  easily  done as the charms integrate  well
with most social media  and networking sites  

Hitting the start Charm instantly brings you back to the start Screen, the homing  function
 is exactly the same  like many  other  mobile devices and  It also works the same way as
 the Windows button on a keyboard.
Windows 8 has been designed for true multitasking, so you can have dozens of
apps running at the same time, unlike most other touchscreen devices.

Connected Devices function

This function allows  user to  directly access your printer, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, projector
, external monitor and other devices connected to your PC.Context-sensitive setting appear at the
top and different options are offered, depending on the app you are running.

Trick in  using the Apps function  
Windows 8 is a true multitasking operating system ,  so  it can  run  multiple tasks all the the same
 time ,not limited to just the screen  but totally even in its  hardware functionability
To close an app, you have to navigate  the  finger  to  the top of the screen and then drag down to the bottom, while doing so the app will shrink as it follows the  fingers as it moves down.    
When using the keyboard, you need to first open the running apps menu, then right click on the app
you want to exist and select close.

Transformabilty  to Convertabilty open Up the World of Touch

The following  tablet devices  will serve  additional function as they are all  transformable  from
tablet to notebooks  with simple convertible design , some  come  with part Laptop , Part tablet
design  packed with performance ,and accessing  to the world wide web  with just your fingers


Acer  Aspire S7 is part of Acer’s thin-and-light ultrabook Innovation which started with last year S3 .
it has a clean  adaptable look with  subtle beauty, its lid cover  is amazingly thin for housing a
touchscreen made of second generation Corning Gorilla glass, which is significantly thinner  
It comes  with  a  aluminium alloy keyboard for a cool minimalist look, The keys are backlit and the
devices has sensors which automatically adjust  the intensity of the illumination based on the
surrounding brightness, this lets you see the keys clearly, night or day.
The S7 has a very bright  full high definition 1,920x1,080 screen  which provide a  Higher resolution
screen displays sharper text and more vivid colours.  
The S7’ s screen can be titled until the laptop is completely a flat. To rotate the display 180 degrees
 for presentations, you just need to hit a shortcut key.

ASUS  VivoTab RT  Transformpad 

Weighing just over 500g  with  a thinness around  8.3 mm thin, this is one of the slimmest
10.11-inch tablets our, there it is even lighter and thinner than the new iPad
The VivoTab RT  transform   well and come with a docking  keyboard   

The sharp Super IPS+ display appears brighter and sharper  and view  just as  well even  under
direct bright sunlight , Its 8-megapixel rear-camera with LED Flash is considered a high-end
 feature as most of its rivals camera are only 5 megapixels,

It  looks  like a tablet  in a swing  that’s  rocks !  , the XPS 12 Seems like a regular ultrabook,
except  its  touchscreen is moveable and can be swivelled to face the person in front of you
,flip it   and present  the screen   to face  your audience .  Close the laptops lid and you can use it
 like a tablet.The Swivelling of the screen moves within  a sturdy aluminium frame  which  is hinged 
only at the mid points of the left and right sides of the frame.The screen come with full high definition
 resolution based on IPS panel technology for wider viewing angles and you have a wonderful
 screen for your eyes.

TOUCH SCREEN tablet screen   for Windows 

HP Envy 4 laptop Touchsmart comes with a touchscreen instead of statistic one.
The Touchscreen opened up a new touch experience and is equipped  with an above average
graphics card, Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, this machine is a reliable workhorse for both
gaming and everyday computing.It come  with a  fresh  look clean  design   which  features
a brushed metallic finish on the lid and palm rest, rounded corners and neatly placed air vents
under the hinges

Lenovo  Yoga 13 

As  the device works   around  the Yoga  form  of exercise, it can  bend  and easily  twist
around  into positions  which awe  most users . The  transform-ability  of this  flexible screen
adjustment  lies in the laptop’s hinges, which are designed made   flexible enough to allow
its lid to be folded 360 degrees backwards to switch from a laptop to a tablet.
The Smart  Yoga  unit  can also be placed at an inverted V-Shape so that the screen
and the keyboard act as a stand  and user  can automatically disable the keyboard
whenever it is bent into various angles.

The 9.9mm-thick Ativ Smart PC  does not disappoint  as a Samsung product , Its speakers
 are neatly tucked on both sides of the screen, so neatly fitted   that you might even miss them
 altogether , and it come with the digester pen  just  fitted in places that many  may not even
 noticed  it

It has three  input function ,namely  Touch , Write or type  .The Ativ Smart PC lets you work
 and play  as any tablet device   but  comes with a Wacom digitiser pen  and Samsung S-Pen
 software so you can take notes and draw anything that you fancy.It is more packed feature  
samsung Note  but   with  a thin 11.6- inch touchscreen tablet designed for touch. An optional 
keyboard dock turns it into a mini-laptop when  user  like to play transformer .

Sony  Vaio Duo 11 

This slider PC Comes with full high-definition 1,920 x 1,080 resolution which means you can see
 more of the new Windows 8 stars Screen, the unique hinge keeps the display stable so it does
not buckle when you jab it with your fingers., the Vaio Duo 11 is based on the Sliding design, which
 allows   its screen  to  be pulled up from its flat tablet position to an angled laptop position.

Toshiba Satellite U920t Ultrabook 

The Laptop uses in-plane Switching (IPS) Screen technology  with a 12.5 inch screen  and is
reasonably light. At 1.45kg , this hybrid is light enough to be easily carried around, its screen is
also protected by Coming Gorilla glass, which offers better protections against scratches  or
 heavy bumps. The performance strife well  with  an Intel Core i5 processor ensures that this
 hybrid PC is able to run both modem touchscreen apps and good old Windows desktop programs

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Internet Millionaire System Mind-set for Wealth Creation

The Internet  Millionaire System  Mind-set
How Correct Mind-set and attitude with a good perspective can generate millions for  everybody  through the internet

Many subjects relevant to life and living are not taught in school. One of them is ‘How to Get Rich’.

When you work for someone else, your salary is determined by your employer ; a portion of that 
salary will have to be used to pay annual taxes, for rent , for transportation and yet another for 
daily expenses. Eventually, you will he left with just enough for your food for the month.

“Entrepreneurs, on the other hand think for themselves. They learn to maximize their manpower 
or facilities while they supervise to gain income from the work done by others, and enjoy the
 profits that this brings in. They work to build wealth and not just to earn an income.” 

It is True  that many have ambitions to be their own boss, they  are eager   and much 
willing  to strive , they’ll work, save up, and  hope to eventually achieve the dream. 
But only a few will  truly set their determination  to achieve  their ambition ,many  
people short-change themselves along  the  way  with lack of confidence  and finally
  resign to mediocrity  blaming on fate  but  fail to understand   that   the biggest 
Challenge to Starting Your own business is actually Themselves .

Blogging By  Million ,Earn By Million ,
 the   ebook by  Laura  Maya  has   been crafted
  to bring   on Youth Inspiration to Entrepreneurship  .The ebook since it publication released
 in 2007 meant to provide readers  with a clear overview of Internet marketing through 
blogging and social networking and also the steps to help potential entrepreneurs to  
succeed in cyberspace. In addition, entrepreneurs  will learn how to use the World Wide Web
 to your advantage and get an insight into the exciting world of the Internet. Practice 
what you learn  from the  blogging and internet marketing  contents  and  entrepreneuers
  will learn how to be  able to sell your products online, as well as get into affiliate 
marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and make tonnes of money in the process.
 Once you have perfected your business set-up, it will pretty much run itself with little 
maintenance, and you have all time and financial freedom you ever need.

Entrepreneur s  will gained  confidence because most  of them lack the know
 how  to  approach  the Internet online  platform  and this ebook  believes  in 
equipping all potential  with the entrepreneurial  mindset and winning strategies
 for  successful entrepreneurs, so you have the confidence to realise your 
dream  with  using  the latest Online Marketing  Strategies s  to boost  their business .

Always  work  out a business plan and focus to build  your  winning
 business Ideas that will work for You .With so many   media  and 
information easily available online ,get started  to try  out  your New
 idea  by  modelling concepts and  make it work  based on proper 
business planning 

Know  your core interest , skill  and   your business   niche  and design a
 winning strategy within  your financial capacity   and focus your  strengths
  and learn  how to establish  revenue stream and  know your competitors 
  in order to perform well  to succeed   in your business
It is  true  that  that  under  normal  business venture  ,many people  plan to
 quit their  full time job to start a business but  if you  plan  to be an online 
 entrepreneur, this  ebook  offer   strategies for you to kick-start your
 entrepreneurial ambitions while still keeping your day Job

 “Change Your Perspective and you will change your life. Do Not be
 a slave to the internet . Capitalize on it instead to make money online .
 Start blogging by Million and you will earn by millions, Yes it is possible ,
 Not immediate but  over the years and you will find millions as long as 
you stay focused with  this perspective” .LM

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Beijing's Best Wealth Attraction

Imagine Living in the Forbidden City- China's Largest Imperial Palace

The Forbidden City in Beijing is China’s largest imperial palace and is listed by UNSECO as a World Heritage Site in 1987.
The Forbidden City was commissioned by the Ming Emperor Yongle in 1406. He had seized the throne from his nephew Emperor Jian Wen and shifted the Ming capital from Nanjing to Beijing where he was based.
As the capital of the Ming Empire, the Forbidden City was the seat of his imperial authority and the centre of his empire. Over the next 500 years, Forbidden City was home to 24 emperors from the Ming and Qing dynasties.
The last resident of Forbidden City is Puyi who was also the last emperor of China. Although the Qing dynasty abdicated in 1912, he managed to stay in the Forbidden City until his expulsion in 1924. 


The following year, Forbidden City became Gu Gong Museum, 故宫博物院, and for the first time in 500 years, ordinary people could enter what was once forbidden. In fact, this was the first time in the history of China when ordinary people could enter an imperial palace whenever they choose to!

Despite its name change, Forbidden City continued to be its better known name and reference. Although the Forbidden City has almost 1000 rooms, most visitors roam through the three most important audience halls (Zhong He Dian, Bao He Dian and Tai He Dian) followed by the halls in the inner palace and the Imperial Garden. Opposite the palace is the Coal Hill (or Prospect Hill) that offers a view of the entire palace complex and surrounding area.


In recent times, the Forbidden City was occupied and looted three times by occupation forces; Anglo-French forces in 1860 during the Second Opium War, Eight Nations Allied forces in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion and by the Japanese in 1937 during the Sino Japanese War.

In fact, years before the Japanese invasion, the Republic of China government removed many precious artifacts from the Palace for safekeeping. When the Nationalists lost the civil war in 1949, these artifacts were transported to Taiwan. The National Palace Museum, a replica of the Forbidden City, was constructed to house the artifacts.

Written by : Chinatownology

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dashboard Camera Recording System for Car Crash Dispute

 Father's day  is coming around the corner, what other best  gift  you can consider to purchase  for your father this year   which provide  him a Peace of Mind  when  he is driving   around  . Well the best selection this year  will be the Car  On Board Recorder Camera system .

Such Camera system  provide video evidence in case of dispute  following road accident , and in case of road  bullies  situation, it   is can  also  provide  evidence or an deterrent  to  opposite errant  drivers who  have intention  to cause harassment to your  car driver .

Devices that  capture  full high definition resolution at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels are popular  especially in capturing  license plate numbers of cars  which hit and run even   when in the night .
The camera  can be  switch  on with easy access to the drivers and  can  focus  and swivel  them to  their target  direction or  object  in cases of any harassment or errant accidents  when it occurs.

Most of the High definition recording can take use up  major storage capacity with  such system , and  user can  choose to  purchase  back SD card for backup  of their recording. Some of the devices are  equipped with GPS features which allow them to geotag  their video  clip and pinpoint
 Where specific incidents occurred,and  they usually will works as surveillance system and track movement  around the vehicle
The following  will be  two reliable  good system  for Father Day’s  Gift consideration

This HD Rotatable LCD Vehicle DVR with 120 degree wide view angle and InfraRed Night Vision 6 IR LED light Camera captures high definition video and displays it on its 2.5 inch TFT LCD Screen. The video is saved in the SD/MMC memory card. (Memory card no included in the package). Files can be saved per 2 minutes / 5 minutes / 15minutes- with recycled recording. With the camera holder/ mount, you can fix it on the car dashboard or car windshield very easily.The high quality video & audio can be timely and strong evidence to address accident and distinguish responsibility.

The cylindrical Black Vue DR400G provide  Ultra High Definition Video Quality, Natural Reproduction of Videos With high-performance CMOS sensor and megapixel lens, it reproduces a ultra-high definition image in Full HD@30fps. Audio Recording The built-in microphone records voice and the surrounding sound. Various Recording Modes Normal recording Event recording (G sensor) Parking mode recording (motion detection) Event Recording with the G-sensor Event recording in case of an impact such as quick start or sudden stop.
Parking Mode Recording with Motion Detection In parking mode, recording will be triggered only in case of a detected motion or impact to save the storage space Turn on/off Auto Parking Mode You can set to automatically switch between parking mode and normal recording mode. Video Playback Using Multiple External Devices You can record the video in the common MP4/AVI formats and play it in multiple players. Smart Phone Dedicated Viewer, BlackVue App. Provide the BlackVue application - smart phone dedicated viewer that facilitates the playback of video and supports various settings to your preference Specialized BlackVue S/W PC (for Windows)-dedicated BlackVue software is featured by power video search, video resolution setting, voice guide, LED indication, auto switching of the parking mode, and more. Real-time Video Monitoring The Video Out port enables you to synchronize the product with the navigation system so that you can monitor the real-time video.vYou can rotate the cylinder to adjust the camera, When the black is at its optimum angle for capturing images.Press the lock button remove the camera from the holder and keep it secure the glove compartment.

Black Vue 

This is a really smart unit, one of several voice prompts reminded me to insert a microSD card.
One of the Two LED indicators at the rear blinks continuously when the camera is recording the latches on to a global positioning system signal to geotag the videos.
The devices comes with a sensor that detects forward, backward or sideways movement.
The resulting video is stored in an event folder separate from the one that deals with normal recording. If the microSD card is filled. Fresh footage will overwrite older ones saved in the normal recordin folder, this leaves the event  folder untouched, saving potentially important footage.
In terms of video quality daytime shorts are average , the real Black Vue 2-magipixel Camera did quite well .You can use it to configure the camera setting, Not too concerned about the video resolution? Lower the solution and it will, extend the recording time, at the highest resolution of 1,920 x 1.8,00 pixels, the bundled 16GB card can hold a five-hour recording.


The DOD GSE550 features a high definition 5.0 megapixel video camera capable of output resolutions of 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps.
It has a 120 degree viewing angle, H.264 loop recording, storage via up to 64gb microSD SDHC memory card (16gb microSD class 6 included), internal GPS logger, high quality audio recorder (can be disabled), HDMI and AV out, collision data protection as well as vehicle speed and time date stamp on video. The vehicle speed stamp can be set to MPH, KMH or Off.

The GSE550 is currently the best in-class car dvr/camcorder on the market. With its self-contained and compact design, it is a true marvel of Taiwanese engineering. This listing is a package deal which includes the GSE550 as well as a free 16GB Class 6 microSDHC Card by 3C Pro. There is a list of compatible cards on the DOD TEC US website (Note that all cards compatible with the GS600 are also compatible with the GSE550). The package also includes both a wall charger as well as vehicle charger and also an HDMI cable, USB cable, Mounting Bracket and User Manual. The language can be set to English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. The unit has the ability to record crystal clear audio. In addition, this audio recording feature can be switched off via a very conveniently located audio switch on the unit itself. Unlike the GS600, it is much easier to control and configure this unit because all the buttons and controls are located on the device itself. The unit automatically powers on when the car is started.

GSE 550 
These units are all pre-configured with the latest Firmware V5.4T2F-MFH. This firmware has solved all the known bugs. Recording time is dependent on the video resolution setting. At max resolution (1920x1080@30fps) the GSE550 can record 10 minutes for every gigabyte. At the lowest resolution (320x240@30fps) it can record 1504 minutes for every gigabyte.

The tiny screen gives you a quickly look at the current recording or archived videos, this is useful if you need to adjust the camera to the current angle and user  can tweak the camera setting to adjust such details as imaging resolution and frames per second.
With a 32GB microSD card, you can get up to nine hours of continuous recording at the peak resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels and 30 frames per second. Just  above the microSD card slot, you will find a HDMI port which lets you connect the unit to a HDTV to view the recorder footage.
At the bottom of the device is a USB port that lets you link the camera to a PC, so you can install the companion software, the same USB port is also used to charge the internal battery , which is sufficient to power the device only for a short period, to keep the recorder operating, you will have to use the cigarette lighter socket.
The device doubles as a still- image recorder if you need to take photographic evidence of an incident, press the mode button and you can switch, between and video still image mode, Familiar digital – camera option such as ISO Values , white balance and scenes are also included for both video and still image mode. With its built – in global positioning system unit, the device can also do location tracking as it records videos. 

Rear View Monitoring 

The above recommended system are both suitable  for  dashboard front and  back mounting . But  in situation  ,the driver   prefer a  Rear  View monitoring system for Car reversing purpose ,the folowing viewing system  is more for rear view purpose , and  does not work  the sames  as the  on board camera, 
here  we wish to highlight a newer model  so that  user can differentiate  the model is not a  Camera recording system  but only as a rear viewer only . 
Wireless Backup Camera System
The PLCM34WIR is a nightvision-capable rear view camera and monitor for your vehicle. The rear view camera mounts easily above your license plate and outputs crystal clear video over an RCA jack. And there’s no wiring required – this system is wireless, so you’ll be able to see behind you on the included 3.5” monitor in your car in a flash!
Perfect for backing into tight spots or moving in reverse when visibility is limited – it’s like having an extra eye. And this model comes with nightvision LEDs, which illuminate the area behind you at night. This small and durable unit will keep you safe and secure because you’ll always know what’s going on around you.

Video Signals Are Sent Wirelessly So It’s Perfect for Larger Vehicles

This model uses a wireless signal to send video data from the camera to the monitor, so you don’t need to run a video cable from the camera to the monitor. This makes it perfect for larger vehicles like trucks, vans, and limos where running the cable may be difficult or impossible.

See Where You’re Going – Even in the Dark

The PLCM34WIR features IR night vision and low-light illumination, so you can see behind you clearly day or night.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Business Wealth Tools for Promoting Your Website Online Effectively

Yes , GSA has further  Updated  its Module with enhanced Backlink Creation feature with NO changes in its offered Price ( Price may change anytime )

The following will be a brief case study on its effectiveness

Latest version of GSA has been  released to Version 2.99 .
There has  been  many new  improvements  to its  software features  and the  following  are  the more outstanding  changelog   which makes the GSA  leads in the forefront  leaving  its competitors behind

Now  it come with : 
2.57 – new: some more article engines added (Article Script, Article Dashboard)
2.56 – new: added some more article engines (ArticleMS, Article Friendly, Article Directory Pro)
- new: added IMPORT for ping URLs
2.55 – new: MediaWiki engine added – new: improved verification by form search – new: entered categories during submission get saved – new: some engines improved
2.54 – new: search engines updated – new: added Scutter as new engine – new: icons fixed – new: some engines improved
From version 2.50 the GSA Search Engine Ranker support Social Bookmark module .
 and  add PHPDug as new engine
Now you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker to also build the bookmark backlinks .
Both  Social  bookmarking  features and article submission  has been  the most frequent and proven  Traffic generation tools  since Web 2  introduction and  inclusion of  both tools  inclusive of New Video and Document sharing features creates more versatility for the GSA software . The software  now works  with added boost in engine speed  now exceed all other  Automatic
 Search optimization Software  and  has the Leading edge of this  Technology
Case Study  With  GSA Search Engine Ranker V 2.99  ( Demoversion - Trial-allowed for 5 days only ) 
AS show in the picture below , the  shown  result  was derived  from downloading a  trial version for
use for 5 days . Seven ( 7 ) sites  were put up for submission utilizing all the submission 
features  like Social network , Article Submission , Blog commenting, Forum , Directory and all
other features.All Profiles  were completed, with necessary email for verification .
The setting does not include  captcha setting  nor spinning for test purpose and to reduce Cost to determine
 its worthiness
The following  picture  depict  the actual result  with  submission for  Three days ( 3 )  24 Hrs Running ;

The   Case study  has shown the effectiveness of the software and its  worthiness . For just  3 days  , the results shown 
 with Verified Links  is outstanding  and if  Use  over weeks and months , it  can just easily Boost almost any websites
or Blogs to the  Top  ranking Position on the  various Search engines , attracting Visitors to your  target  sites accordingly.
At  a price of only USD 99.00 , it is a small fraction considering the amount of time  saved ,while your confidence
that you will be using an effective   Search  engine ranking  software,  will provide all marketers a piece of mind  

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download


With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to worry about backlinks again. This software can run automatic and create back links for you 365 days a year. It will find new websites automatic for you and submit your site to them without asking for your input,you don’t need collect the website to submit again.
It will also verify the backlinks, making sure that the link was really alive. After a while you will see all the created back links with all attributes,e.g. the anchor text, number of outgoing links, and type of backlink.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download