Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Business Wealth Tools for Promoting Your Website Online Effectively

Yes , GSA has further  Updated  its Module with enhanced Backlink Creation feature with NO changes in its offered Price ( Price may change anytime )

The following will be a brief case study on its effectiveness

Latest version of GSA has been  released to Version 2.99 .
There has  been  many new  improvements  to its  software features  and the  following  are  the more outstanding  changelog   which makes the GSA  leads in the forefront  leaving  its competitors behind

Now  it come with : 
2.57 – new: some more article engines added (Article Script, Article Dashboard)
2.56 – new: added some more article engines (ArticleMS, Article Friendly, Article Directory Pro)
- new: added IMPORT for ping URLs
2.55 – new: MediaWiki engine added – new: improved verification by form search – new: entered categories during submission get saved – new: some engines improved
2.54 – new: search engines updated – new: added Scutter as new engine – new: icons fixed – new: some engines improved
From version 2.50 the GSA Search Engine Ranker support Social Bookmark module .
 and  add PHPDug as new engine
Now you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker to also build the bookmark backlinks .
Both  Social  bookmarking  features and article submission  has been  the most frequent and proven  Traffic generation tools  since Web 2  introduction and  inclusion of  both tools  inclusive of New Video and Document sharing features creates more versatility for the GSA software . The software  now works  with added boost in engine speed  now exceed all other  Automatic
 Search optimization Software  and  has the Leading edge of this  Technology
Case Study  With  GSA Search Engine Ranker V 2.99  ( Demoversion - Trial-allowed for 5 days only ) 
AS show in the picture below , the  shown  result  was derived  from downloading a  trial version for
use for 5 days . Seven ( 7 ) sites  were put up for submission utilizing all the submission 
features  like Social network , Article Submission , Blog commenting, Forum , Directory and all
other features.All Profiles  were completed, with necessary email for verification .
The setting does not include  captcha setting  nor spinning for test purpose and to reduce Cost to determine
 its worthiness
The following  picture  depict  the actual result  with  submission for  Three days ( 3 )  24 Hrs Running ;

The   Case study  has shown the effectiveness of the software and its  worthiness . For just  3 days  , the results shown 
 with Verified Links  is outstanding  and if  Use  over weeks and months , it  can just easily Boost almost any websites
or Blogs to the  Top  ranking Position on the  various Search engines , attracting Visitors to your  target  sites accordingly.
At  a price of only USD 99.00 , it is a small fraction considering the amount of time  saved ,while your confidence
that you will be using an effective   Search  engine ranking  software,  will provide all marketers a piece of mind  

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download


With GSA Search Engine Ranker you will never have to worry about backlinks again. This software can run automatic and create back links for you 365 days a year. It will find new websites automatic for you and submit your site to them without asking for your input,you don’t need collect the website to submit again.
It will also verify the backlinks, making sure that the link was really alive. After a while you will see all the created back links with all attributes,e.g. the anchor text, number of outgoing links, and type of backlink.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Download

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