Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Major Stamp Auction may exceed over HK 45 Million

A large stamp auction is to be held in Hongkong from Jan 30 to 31 , 2010 at the Parklane Hotel in which some 1800 stamps,postcard and covers from mainland China , Hongkong and other Asian countries in the region will go under the hammer , adding a total value to over HK 45 Million

It includes the largest sale of China in years, with not only the great rarities of the Qing Dynasty, but also a special catalogue of the "Treasures of the Cultural Revolution" that includes all Four of the Treasures, the rarest stamps of the People's Republic. This is the first time that all Four Treasures have been offered in the same auction
Further information is available at interasia-auctions Limited ’s website . The following will be some of the exclusive stamps with photo provided by xinhuanet.

2010 Chinese New Year stamps

Being a stamp collector i am always very fond of collecting Chinese New Year stamps. This year is the year of the Tiger(according to the Chinese zodiac) Well as you can see i have collected limited edition stamp. The above picture shows 1998's Tiger stamps and the bottom show's this year's tiger stamp. Both are from Singapore. Apparently the value of the 1998 tiger stamp has increased over the past 12 years. But of course, this stamps are kept in mint condition. The wealth built by such collections will increase each day.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Web Surfing in China - check out what are the major differences between China with Rest of the World in Internet

China is The World Largest Internet Market with following statistics from China Internet Network information Centre Under The Ministry Of Information Industry China
Internet Users : 384 Million and growing
Broadband User : 346 million
WWW websites : 3.23 Million
Domain Names : 16.82 Million

With the biggest numbers of Internet users , the authorities in China get on it’s nerve as the internet is the mainstream media .
Anything or whatever happens on the internet , the Internet community is able to relate fast through the Web especially , the Social Networking site whom are able to relate fast from many , among many to utmost many , which is understandably why they have all the censors in place as most major Internet companies like ( Search engine site ) and the (Social networking site ) are understood to have hundred of Human censors to monitor their users , and anyone could have post any sensitive issue in one of the world most populated Country anytime.

It is therefore understandable that the authorities want to control the internet , as among the users , mostly are common Chinese whom use the internet for chatting , social bookmarking , entertainment like watching streaming movies and playing games .
But increasingly some branched into voicing out social issues , which prone concern to the authorities for the Country with over a Billion people in Population .

A Total Different Game of Web surfing in China

Due to China’s Main language is Mandarin .Chinese netizens have therefore a different approach to the Web compared to netizens in other countries . In the first place , they use Chinese to communicate ,mostly type in Chinese Characters , and usually the Chinese web portal are loaded with Multiple type of links with icons tune in with local chinese cultural Icon , some which symbolize Chinese literature characters , of which the People are brought up with ., which attract Chinese users to stick to only a few service providers .

Chinese websurfers are extremely active in posting comments and exchange point of view thru social networking site and chatline but as almost 70% earn 2,000 yuan ( est. USD 285 a month or less , therefore the authority is able to influence public opinion and block government criticism as they are able to engage role models in the Net world to help them counter and defend criticism . Like wise in the commercial world they are also able to despise any website , which they dislike , by getting contractor Internet Black hat companies to make remarks on bad service, or to buy quantity clicks for specific polls campaign .

Over the past years , it took some various major Big Internet player great struggles to try to penetrate the Chinese Playing field of internet , some has managed but others finally gave up with companies like Yahoo in 2005 and eBay in 2006 .

But even though they have left , China has evolves and come up with more Chinese based website sites which are in par of services to most of this major big players,
You will find some of the majors sites as follows ; - a site similar with facebook
www.360quan .com - a social networking site - a site similar to Youtube - a payment gateway similar to Paypal
QQ Chatline - ICQ - ebay alternative in China

With the understanding of the different internet usage formalities in China ,
Business Corporation whom intend to explore and invest in this major market will need China & Asian based specialty marketing firms to help them do the necessary market and product survey before proceeding with their plans.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Expect Positive growth in Asia in 2010

Author: laura maya

Expect Positive growth in Asia in 2010

2009 was a rough year just passed ; now we have to embrace 2010. Many people still wonder if the year ahead would be for better or for worse. As the financial crisis is almost over, people are looking forward to better promising growth in the coming year.

A source from Citibank Singapore shows that, the gross domestic product, (GDP), is expected to grow, especially for the Asia countries. It was said that the first half of the year would be better than the second half. Henderson Global Investors has reported that growth brought by low interest rates, government spending, falling core inflation and a stabilising labour market may give a less certain second half of the year due to spending from government fiscal measure would have wane off eventually

Even so, Asia countries are expected to do better due to the “stability” in employment rates recently. Also, the free trade agreement between China and South-East Asian countries came into force this year, in turn looks promising in the trading industry. Rising global demand and re stocking are likely to boost exports ,manufacturing and trade related services.

  1. The expected GDP forecast for China will be around 9.8 % while Asia itself should achieve 7.7% ,and India another major Growth Country should achieve 8.5 % .
  2. Asian economies may out perform the rest of the world .Singapore is also opening its first two Integrated Resorts this years, in which will bring 15 to 20 percentage growth in its tourist industry., while countries from Malaysia to Hanoi will have some hard time to balance their act

With such positive growth expected for the coming year, we must also stay alert as the past two years has shown many turn of events, of which most were unexpected.

As the new year comes ahead, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger will roar into this New Year , It will bring recycled Wealth , as the coming year lack water element , such recycled wealth will be the after effort from the Global stimulus program since last year from the economic Crisis . A good example will be Japan .

However Productivity will be increased as New technology will be the major driving force to develop New Niche and New Media Industries ,the recycled Wealth may thus be driven to generate New Media Income , or biomedical development .

The New Tiger year however does carries a strong Metal element ,which suggest that those in office will be able to hold authority for this period of time , this hopefully will bring stability throughout the year especially in the leading economies .

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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More on The Laughing Buddha

Many times in our lives, we feel anger and frustrated. These negative emotions tend to build up in our bodies and may cause illness and health related problems. This shows the importance to stay happy, joyful. Distressing is very important to our lives, a start will be to follow the board smile from the laughing Buddha.
By looking at the Laughing Buddha’s face, there will be a sense of happiness. His smile will always brighten my day. Smiling is a very special thing, try smiling at anyone, don’t be surprise, they may smile back at you. The Laughing Buddha always smiles, bringing happiness and joy to many. He is a person of loving character. He has a large tummy and board smile, this features brought him the name laughing Buddha.
For many years, people viewed him as a symbol of happiness, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. He is seen in many different forms, some with a walking stick; some with many children around him. Even so his smile will always signify happiness; his tummy, wealth; his bag, worries of people in which he takes on.

In Singapore, Bugis, thousand of people from asia comes to visit the Laughing Buddha. They would perform the "welcoming wealth procedure"(which will be discussed below). They would also visit the nearby temple for luck, food fortune and wealth.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that placing him in their wealth direction will bring them wealth. For this coming New Year, Chinese believe in worshipping the Laughing Buddha at temples to bring in luck and wealth for the New Year. Also, people believed that rubbing his ears, followed by chest, then his tummy, would bring them wealth and prosperity. At which that procedure is known as the “welcoming wealth procedure”. People in the business industry also use him to bring wealth and fortune. In such cases, they would also use gold ingots and other symbols of wealth to create and abundance of positive chi to created good luck, happiness and most importantly, wealth.
So let the Laughing Buddha make you happy and wealthy.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Will this cause a decline of Wealth for Johor Bahru?

On Jan 7th 2010, there was an article which I came across, titled “No Petrol Subsidy for Non-Citizens From May 1”. The article’s emphasis is just as the title, the increase in price of petrol for non-citizens. Johor Bahru has been visited by many Singaporeans who went there to purchase cheap petrol and make some round of shopping in the town
With this new regulation in place, it might just mean that Singaporeans that are looking for cheap petrol, may not go over to Johor Bahru anymore. With this group of buyers gone, Malaysia would see quite a great drop in number of people who find no reason to go shopping in Johor again .
This justify a re-consideration by the Minister , as johor will feel the pinch .
When the new Johor Custom was opened early last year , there was a big divert of traffic in the city , and former shops which were bustling with good business ,suddenly see an out flow of their turnover ,as traffic was divert direct to Johor town ,giving the city a miss . Business came down , and now they will be affected twice , but this time almost the whole town will be affected .
On top of that, the subsidy of the petrol is going to be sub-categorised throughout the Country . This means that not all Malaysians are getting their petrol subsidy also . Only those who are in the lower income range, and can afford cars with only small capacity engines will not be affected much .
On the foreigners end, there really still is not much lost for them as well , especially for Singaporean with their Strong dollar .
Going by the exchange rates, overall, prices of oil are still cheaper in Malaysia, in comparison to prices in Singapore. Therefore, the decline in wealth for which Johor will face will be imminent at the start. However, in longer terms, Johor will still be in good wealth as it is now.
Maybe the new Integrated Resorts ,opening in Singapore soon will also attract some tourist from other countries whom visit Singapore to cross the borders to get their Passport Chopped with the Malaysia Immigration chop , then maybe visit Maybe Iskandar , or visit the city to boost some shopping sales , left-out by those whom not happy with the new Petrol prices.
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