Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More on The Laughing Buddha

Many times in our lives, we feel anger and frustrated. These negative emotions tend to build up in our bodies and may cause illness and health related problems. This shows the importance to stay happy, joyful. Distressing is very important to our lives, a start will be to follow the board smile from the laughing Buddha.
By looking at the Laughing Buddha’s face, there will be a sense of happiness. His smile will always brighten my day. Smiling is a very special thing, try smiling at anyone, don’t be surprise, they may smile back at you. The Laughing Buddha always smiles, bringing happiness and joy to many. He is a person of loving character. He has a large tummy and board smile, this features brought him the name laughing Buddha.
For many years, people viewed him as a symbol of happiness, wealth, prosperity and good fortune. He is seen in many different forms, some with a walking stick; some with many children around him. Even so his smile will always signify happiness; his tummy, wealth; his bag, worries of people in which he takes on.

In Singapore, Bugis, thousand of people from asia comes to visit the Laughing Buddha. They would perform the "welcoming wealth procedure"(which will be discussed below). They would also visit the nearby temple for luck, food fortune and wealth.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that placing him in their wealth direction will bring them wealth. For this coming New Year, Chinese believe in worshipping the Laughing Buddha at temples to bring in luck and wealth for the New Year. Also, people believed that rubbing his ears, followed by chest, then his tummy, would bring them wealth and prosperity. At which that procedure is known as the “welcoming wealth procedure”. People in the business industry also use him to bring wealth and fortune. In such cases, they would also use gold ingots and other symbols of wealth to create and abundance of positive chi to created good luck, happiness and most importantly, wealth.
So let the Laughing Buddha make you happy and wealthy.

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