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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Expect Positive growth in Asia in 2010

Author: laura maya

Expect Positive growth in Asia in 2010

2009 was a rough year just passed ; now we have to embrace 2010. Many people still wonder if the year ahead would be for better or for worse. As the financial crisis is almost over, people are looking forward to better promising growth in the coming year.

A source from Citibank Singapore shows that, the gross domestic product, (GDP), is expected to grow, especially for the Asia countries. It was said that the first half of the year would be better than the second half. Henderson Global Investors has reported that growth brought by low interest rates, government spending, falling core inflation and a stabilising labour market may give a less certain second half of the year due to spending from government fiscal measure would have wane off eventually

Even so, Asia countries are expected to do better due to the “stability” in employment rates recently. Also, the free trade agreement between China and South-East Asian countries came into force this year, in turn looks promising in the trading industry. Rising global demand and re stocking are likely to boost exports ,manufacturing and trade related services.

  1. The expected GDP forecast for China will be around 9.8 % while Asia itself should achieve 7.7% ,and India another major Growth Country should achieve 8.5 % .
  2. Asian economies may out perform the rest of the world .Singapore is also opening its first two Integrated Resorts this years, in which will bring 15 to 20 percentage growth in its tourist industry., while countries from Malaysia to Hanoi will have some hard time to balance their act

With such positive growth expected for the coming year, we must also stay alert as the past two years has shown many turn of events, of which most were unexpected.

As the new year comes ahead, the Chinese Zodiac Tiger will roar into this New Year , It will bring recycled Wealth , as the coming year lack water element , such recycled wealth will be the after effort from the Global stimulus program since last year from the economic Crisis . A good example will be Japan .

However Productivity will be increased as New technology will be the major driving force to develop New Niche and New Media Industries ,the recycled Wealth may thus be driven to generate New Media Income , or biomedical development .

The New Tiger year however does carries a strong Metal element ,which suggest that those in office will be able to hold authority for this period of time , this hopefully will bring stability throughout the year especially in the leading economies .

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