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Mystic wealth

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Social Media Marketing Helps Builds Your Business to Bring Wealth

Social media marketing is a growing industry ,it is a new recent trend where young savvies were socializing to share information and making friends on the internet and it has rapidly grown to encompass business as well and it cater to web surfers of all ages

It revolves around social networking sites ,and is an excellent means of getting your message out to the people who matters, especially to your target audience . Social Media Marketing is the practice of creating compelling content for marketing online to mass audience by sharing by using social networking and social bookmarking sites .

This immerse growth has seen many people participating in social media and networking sites that has led to increased investment in the growing field of social media marketing. As we see a rapidly growing number of small businesses implementing social marketing ideas and strategies in their business plan , we will look at how businesses adapt to this new marketing concept and understand how users use these social media sites in order to be successful in business typically in marketing their products or brand by Sharing , Socializing ,Strategizing and realizing Sales .

If your company is aiming to start venturing out into social media marketing, you have to understand sharing information with the rest of the world while presenting your company’s expertise .It is an effective mean of finding your target audience and connecting and interacting with them .It is an avenue to build your reputation in your specific trade ,you will be able to utilize the social media channels to build product and brand awareness, increase traffic to your site and for link building and then you can track statistic to see which channel or methods are working for you

There are many social network sites that were developed specifically for business owner ,they come under different category like Pligg, Dofollow , Scuttle and Scuttle Plus Sites , there are other that are designed specific field of interest and take some research to find out which one might be best for you and your business .There are also social news websites, such as, Digg and StumbleUpon, Faves , Diggo that have the potential to attract many thousand of unique visitors to your website in a short space of time as well as a good number of backlinks if you manage to reach the front page.

Example of Dofollow Pligg Bookmarking site

It seems that many small businesses have registered with these sites , filled out their profile pages ,upload their content article page and waited for incoming flow of traffic and new business to arrive. If you want to attract new visitors to your site then you have to actually participate and become involved in a community provide by the Social Media sites, that will means uploading more content values article , pictures , video and relatively be frequently active to provide advice or comments in order to be interactive with friends made from the site

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

A successful Social Media Marketing campaign leads to major awareness of your brand or of the products which you are marketing online . Choosing an effective Bookmarking software or some specific social bookmarking or networking site which complement to your campaign sometime can really spread your word very fast attracting many unique visitors to your site .

Getting listed on a front page of major social Dofollow bookmarking sites will send you huge amounts traffic and almost instantly. This can be achieve if your have good Killer copy write heading with an interesting article and although the increase in traffic may not equate to conversions to realized sales but it should generate good publicity of your website

Some of the benefits are as follows : -

- A good well strategize social marketing plan may provide an effective low cost traditional advertising and marketing

- Frequenting campaigning bring you large amounts of backlinks that benefit your ranking in search engines.

-Traditional online advertising methods, such banners advertising are static while social media marketing is totally dynamic and can be presented with different heading and with flexibility to broadcast to also forum and ezine article submission site for broader exposure .

Setting your Goals and objective

Social Media Marketing requires details planning before launching of your campaigns, it would be necessary to set short , medium and long term targets for the exercise , and typically before launching any campaign , you will need to do some simple research as follows :

- to identify your target customers & audience

- to select a list social Networking and bookmarking site , Dofollow pligg site to Scuttle and Scuttle Plus Sites ( choose 300 to 500 site to start with )

- Looking for a good bookmarking software . We recommend the Bookmarking demon ,It will save a lot of time in bookmarking submission and is both effective and efficient. This software is worth its price in web publishing is a long term investment especially when it includes free lifetime updates. Bookmarking Demon provide regular updates and the program now in version 5.0 is better then ever. It currently offers more than 130 social bookmarking sites that includes a combination of Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, and Pligg sites.

Bookmarking Demon

- Ensure you have nice well designed website with multiple pageviews , as bookmarking will require to submit article pageview links from your website , you can also provide your Blogs linked pageview as the more pages submitted social bookmarking sites will increase your exposure

- Define which article content of value is suitable to specific target audience and focus on what is their common interest and organise them from the statistic you have collected to short list and categorized them . Submit niche article to specific site to target them in order to target niche potential customer

- Usually you will see increase of traffic relatively improving , but in order to ensure efficient Social media marketing , the campaign will need to be long term for at least 4-6months to more than 18 month before you can see really good results .Please consider that as you established a foot hold with some of these major bookmarking sites , the more submissions you have uploaded to their accounts ,the ranking of your site on search engine will improved .Therefore plan your campaign with good article submission with keyword, plan your bookmarking time and duration with consideration of promotion period inline with school holidays or public holidays , as certain period of time, some websurfer has tendency to visit their favourite social media site more frequently

Organising a Successful Campaign

Social Networking site like twitter ,facebook and myspace are all effective social media marketing websites ,likewise most of the major social bookmarking website provide effective broadcasting of your value content in an efficient and fast distribution . But while the efforts ahave been put in ,sometime results may not turn out as positive or overwhelming, this could be due to the following reason ;

Be interactive

You must listen and respond to your customers. Having conversations which flow in both directions help you understand the concerns of your customers, while they voice their opinion . Most social networking site like facebook, myspace provide option for video streaming demonstration , or sharing of photos .Utilize these media tools to help in bringing across message better .

Warm Approach

Automated responses and standard letters are not recommended sometime . Social media is about being conversational , reciprocration and recommendation. Be buzzy and active


Be honest and offer transparency in your agenda . There are many compelling ways to raising awareness for your company. Stretching the truth will not be satisfying ,as websurfer hungers for truth and reliable information. There are easy accessible reviews on the internet for any services or products . Always remember your competitors will most probably be online also .

Be a part of the community

Acknowledge and show appreciation to others in the community which offer value to your business. Always share useful knowledge. It goes a long way like making friends .Be friendly and you will always build reciprocrating friendship online .

A successful Social Media campaign enhances as a major catalysts to the increase brand exposure for smaller business to medium enterprise and the expenditure will not cost a fraction of traditional advertising costs and effort, It also serve to provide large scale market exposure to different countries and provide feedback for product refinement ideas at no extra charge.

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Friday, 3 September 2010

SmartQT7 -Enjoy the Wealth of Pleasure in eReading with Smartdevice Touch Tablet MID /ebook reader

Enjoy Watching Video or Read at Pleasure in the Comfort of Your Living Room with SmartQ T-7 Touch Tablet / Colour eReader
Although the SmartQ T 7 Wifi is not the most expensive Mobile Internet Device -MID /eReader device ,it is still one of the few devices that provide Hybrid feature of Touch tablet MIDs and e-readers combining together a mix of design elements and wonderful smart features with faster Android 2.1 OS with strong internet and media capabilities

Recently , with iPad launched ,we have seen many iPad - similar products being introduced and most of them come with screen size of 7” and 10” .Some come with Windows CE and others with Androids 1.0 Operating system . The range of products has since evolved , and soon we will find many come with Add-on application software, especially those with the androids 2.1 OS ,which is more friendly and faster in operation . The SmartQ T7 has the androids 2.1 operating system and it has further option of upgrading with new firmware at each new release. Androids 2.1OS has since been well accepted by market user, whom find it more flexible ,and it will be the norm in the industry for similar gadgets and will be developed further ,therefore ensuring users of further upgrades availability as the technology develops further .

The SmartQ T-7 Wifi is powered by a 720MHz ARM11 processor and include 256MB RAM, 2GB local storage with support for SD cards up to 32GB, accelerometer, b/g WiFi, USB 2.0 OTG, and a high capacity 4700mAh battery. The second advanced model T7-3G model will include 3G broadband mobile connectivity .

The device can also serves as a Colour ebook reader ,with its Ebook Reading Capability , you can view EPUB, PDF, DOC ebooks with no difficulty. If you have ebooks in a rare format, simply install an add-on software to enable it ,which means you can read emagazine article with nice colour features or even comics . This differentiate the SmartQ T -7 in comparison with the E-ink traditional ebook reader with grayscale e-ink screens which treat the internet and media functionality as a secondary priority.

Imagine relaxing in your couch in your living room , after reading a colour page article from your emagazine , you can switch to play nice YouTube video or play your music videos on the SmartQ T-7 . It is handy at 16 mm thin, weighing about 420 gram with a screen size of 7 ”, with 7 hrs battery life ( 4700mAh battery ) to play your videos plus 2 hrs reading ,the device includes video decoding and 3D graphics acceleration and wonderfully is capable of playing back 1080p full HD video and supports an extensive range of video/audio/file formats like AVI, MKV ,FLV , MPEG MOV, TS, M2TS, RM/RMVB, WMV, 3GP, DAT, MP4.

Get a SmartQ-T 7 , relax with your family ,while you enjoy web browsing in the comfort of your living room .Beside using it relaxing at home , the device which works similar to the iPad can also be use as a presentation tools for discussion with customers ,with example..... in a realty sale showroom where the Touch tablet can be used to discuss on sales package with customer on apartment sales or new application in GPS where Google Earth helps you to find the right map location with the T-3G model .

Surf the Internet and make friends through social networking or you can create or edit word document and spreadsheet with T7. Powerpoint can be viewed as well. Install a RSS software to stream news from the internet. Read the news anywhere with T7 ,

Learn to enjoy your Life with smart new media cool gadget at affordable price . The SmartQT-7 is selling at RM 898-00 Only and comes with a Compliment paperback Book from with Free Shipping in Malaysia from 4th to 12th September 2010 .

Internet has changed the way we do business , the books come as a compliment to customers who purchase the SmartQ T-7 , as we hope they will be equipped with additional knowledge to realize their full potential of using the internet .

Blogging By Million, Earn By Millions

Published by Kanyin Publications

This book will effectively span the range of knowledge you need to make informed online decision

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