Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 Wealth of iPhone New Apps

For iPhone owners ,Apps are in abundance  but  this year brought a flood of new apps  which  outshine  others ,usually  such  Hot apps are  much  welcome  by user who uses both iPad and Iphone together .The  following list the various  most popular apps for iPhone

Dragon Go is a   leading speech-recognition software from maker Nuance. It can turn your iOS device into your own personal secretary. Tell it to buy Google Translate , for instance, and it will fetch it from the App Store. Or ask it to find you movie times, and it will put Mission Impossible  right on screen for you, with geo-location match to find cinema near you.  

People who have an ipod touch or older iPhone and are tired of hearing about Siri from iPhone 4S owners can find relief with this genius little app.
   Touch a button and tell Drag On Go! (free) what you need, and it scans the Web for results . Say ‘’italian food “ and it’ll suggest near by restaurant via Local based services features

 Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you . Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from the smallest blogs to publications  . Flipboard is the world's first social magazine. Your Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. And it’s an incredible place to discover fresh content from around the Twittersphere.  Connect Flipboard to all your social networks, and you'll have a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you.

 Last year , iPhone users could only watch as iPad owners used Filipboard to get beautiful versions of Facebook, Twitter and other graphically challenged online service. Flipboard is fast, slick and smart. The twitter apps scrolling feature  will  find  user  clicking through to more information about twitter post to  view them on Flipboard , and it’s great to feeds in the same app.


If   don’t want to pay a lot to Pandora to listen to new music without ads, Band Of The Day ( free) is a great choice. Band Of the Day is the world's first daily music magazine built solely for mobile devices. Surpassing traditional music magazines, Band of the Day delivers a new artist or band every single day through expert curation and engaging reviews, as well as full streams of the artist's top songs, videos, photographs and more. A new band in your pocket, everyday. Listen, Discover, Share.

 The app feature five songs from a new band daily, along with artist bios, videos and reviews you can listen to each song five times and, if you don’t love one day’s selections.


SkyView is a sky viewing app. Basically   it uses the iOS device’s camera so that you can view exactly where a star,   solar system or satellite is located and in the sky  
 Instead of looking up at the stars wondering what you’re looking at, SkyView helps you determine exactly what everything is. It’s a fantastic app for this and was immensely interesting to use at nighttime.  You can choose to see the path of the Sun, Moon or a planet and see its path across the screen over a 24hr period. Plus you can change the date and time to see how the future will change planetary alignments.
 As an educational stargazer   tool,   It’ll make things much more interesting to children who are struggling to see how a constellation is laid out This is the new leader among iPhone astronomy apps-at least for the price. The graphics are wonderful and you can click for more information on various planets and stars, or with the sweep of a finger, learn when they will be in a particular spot in the sky  The free version is also good, but it offers just a glimpse of the paid versions extended features.


VidRhythm is an app designed to let users put themselves into a music video of sorts. After sampling and deciding upon a specific song, they then choose a style (i.e. visual presentation theme) and start recording. The app itself makes things very simple by breaking the core elements of each tune down into a handful of sample sounds ,it  guides you through the process of recording a few sound and video samples , and drops these  beta track  into one of roughly 15 music-video templates.
   The random scrambling of your samples , set to rhythm , is a bit of a musical and humour brilliance ,  
 which  includes pitch corrections technology, so the tonally challenged needn’t fear tonally the results, you can export videos to Facebook or You Tube , or import original music and let VidRhythm twist your tunes.


 Wunderlist makes it downright simple to organize your daily life. Just create a list and start filling it with things that need to be completed. Keep track of your more important tasks with reminders and notifications. You can even create a new task for Wunderlist straight from your email inbox. Oh, and did we forget to tell you? Its free!
No matter where you are or what you're doing, your organization can finally come along! When we brought Wunderlist to every major platform in the digital world, we took portability seriously. Task management with Wunderlist is now available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and on the Web. No matter which version you are using, your tasks and lists will be synchronized.
 The app makes it easy to set up a task list and prioritise and organise items , the layout is organise items, the layout is clean and attractive , and the app has intelligence flourishes, including a feature that lets users add tasks through e-mail.


Apple has updated GarageBand for iOS. It's now universal with support for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation) and iPod touch (4th generation). There are several new features, too, like custom chords for smart instruments, support for additional time signatures (3/4 time and 6/8) and new audio export quality settings.

Track are easily build and tweaked , so you can peck a way at a musical idea for months or sketch something in a matter of minutes.  offers "numerous enhancements," including adjustable velocity settings for the touch instruments, new transposition options and support for recording in straight eighth notes, swinging eighths and triplet .Using can external device like the   the Guitar Jack , guitarist can plug their instrument into the iPhone and add layers of  quality box sound


Photosynth v1.1.1 is now available and better than ever . It come added  with functionality to save cropped versions of panoramas to the phone’s camera roll.
Photosynth for iOS is the panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth allows you to not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere”.

Once you’ve created a Photosynth you can share it as an interactive panorama experience to Facebook   or as a simple image. You can also publish your panoramas to Bing Maps where millions of people can see your panoramas, both on the a map itself and in search results for the places you've captured. We’ve also added a “Best of Bing Maps” feature where we’ll be showing off the best of what you and your fellow users create.
This extremely cool panorama technology from Microsoft is highly refined and a breeze to use.
Hold steady ,just  point and focus  the phones camera in your shooting direction  and Photosynth (free) snaps the  picture. It then prompts you to drift in different directions and to stop when it detects the next photo in the panorama sequence.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

TV for Mobile - Mobile TV Elite software is the best selling cell phone TV Software

TV for Mobile - Mobile TV Elite software is the best selling cell phone TV software available in the market. Mobile TV Elite - Mobile Tv software is an application that lets you watch live TV on your mobile phone. It includes an easy to use program guide and tons of premium and broadcast channels. 

Your phone never leaves you. Now your TV can come along as well. With a simple software download, mobile tv software puts more than 1000 channels like NBC, Fox News, ESPN & TLC right on the phone you're carrying now 

Enjoy the programs you watch at home on your mobile phone? The electronic programming guide shows you what's on, what's about to air and what's available for purchase, just like the TV at home. 
Now you can watch worldwide channels on your Mobile Device - Sports, News, Movies, Music, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, +Digital Radio Stations and much, much more! You can also watch the Big Games LIVE without any additional fee or subscription! 

*No Hardware to Install! Works anywhere in the world! 


*Easy-to-use interface
*High-quality streaming TVo
*Unlimited viewing of World Wide TV stations
*Live, local news coverage from your local stations
*No subscriptions, no pay-per-view, no recurring fees 

Download and install the Mobile TV Elite software now and have access to over 1000 World Wide Stations! But consider this fair warning: TV on your mobile is a dangerously fun thing to have. 

Wealth of Saving Time and Being Updated in Using Good Apps


Blogshelf is the easiest and most elegant iPad news and blog reader in the entire App Store.

While most news readers are complex and only suitable for power users, Blogshelf is designed with the casual user in mind – easy and logical to use to bring a reading experience that is, in a word, peaceful.

All you need to do is choose the blogs and feeds you want to read, and Blogshelf will take care of the rest.

Watch Blogshelf video on YouTube

•Magazine layout, just swipe your finger to navigate
•White/Black theme
•Contrast setting for night reading
•Font adjustment
•Offline reading with images
•Organize blogs and feeds visually
•Swipe menu bar designed for left and right handed users
•Translate text from foreign language to your own, based on your iPad regional setting
•Search feed powered by Google
•Hundreds of handpicked blogs and feeds organized by topics
•Subscribe up to 90 blogs and feeds

If you have any feature request, please drop us an e-mail at [at] We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Blogshelf presents RSS feed as if they were magazine on a bookshelf,   tap a feed and you’ll get current article presented in a nice, clean list from. Tap through to an article, and just the RSS content is offered. Tap through on the title, and you’re taken to the article’s full web page in the in-app browsers. You can mark favourites, e-mail or tweet an article, or swipe through to the next article, Casual RSS users looking for a low-key way to read their feeds might find this reader to their liking.

Reeder for iPad

If you see Google Reader- the search giant’s free RSS news feed service-you’ll want this app . you can use it to browse your Google reader news feeds by feed or by folder, manage starred items, and share stories through e-mail and twitter.
When iOS 5 was released Reeder was quickly updated. And now that Google has removed features from their feed reader service, again the developer quickly released an update to address those issues. It's sad that we are losing functionality (thanks to Google) but it's great that Reeder is cared for by such a responsive individual. If you don't use Reeder to manage your Google RSS feeds then stop reading and download it now.
The app supports instapaper, ReadeltLater, Delicious , ( also known as and Pinbard, and you can open articles directly in safari, it uses a binder metaphor for browsing through your RSS feeds; all your controls are conveniently lined up on the left. About the only thing you can’t do with it is add new feeds to your account,  but every Google reader users I know swears by this app.

USA Today for iPad

USA Today in the national daily published By Gannett Company ,and it was among the first newspaper to embrace the iPad, Navigation is good. - Read stories from USA TODAY's News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech and Travel sections. Enlarge images, watch related videos, and share stories via email, Twitter or Facebook. Download all stories to read offline; ideal when traveling.

- Review national weather maps and get current weather conditions, up-to-the minute radar images and the five-day forecast for your current location and other locations you set as favorites.

- Get the latest sports scores for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football and basketball. Stay up-to-date on the USA TODAY-ESPN Top 25 Polls for college sports.

- Stay current on airport delays and closures. Get delays information via a nationwide map or a list with specific information about each airport.

- Keep up with recent iPad apps with USA TODAY's App Insider. Read reviews and ratings, view app screenshots, and easily open the App Store for convenient download.

- Watch the latest tech reviews and interviews from Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham in TechWatch and share via email, Twitter or Facebook.

- Check the market numbers by index and create a 'My Stocks' list, a personalized list that will keep you updated on how your stocks are performing

  the layout is nice , and you get national and local news, sports scores, local weather, lots of photos, including gallery of the days best photos ( tap the photo to get the caption) and the option to participate in a daily poll called the USA Today Snapshot, Lastly, you can share article via-e-mail, Twitter , and Facebook .  

Zinio Magazibe Newsstand & Reader

Zino is another big outlet for magazines, and it also server as a shell for multiple issues of each of those magazines. In fact, it’s more like iBooks than the Wired app. Because you can buy multiple magazines within the app.

It is  a better way than ever to explore, read and shop for the world’s best magazines on your iPad. Zinio now has more magazines than ever, and a new app built to make it easier to read your favorites anytime and anywhere. Zinio is the ultimate app for people who love magazines. Access thousands of titles, tens of thousands of issues, and millions of pages of the world’s best digital content. Read what you like!

In EXPLORE, you’ll find articles from some of our best magazines worldwide—with the big headlines, photography, news and insight—from the pages of Rolling Stone, Esquire, Maxim, Elle, and dozens more. Discover more with new articles appearing daily.

In READ, you can download and read your digital issues for online and offline access, archive back issues, and synchronize your library to multiple iPhones, iPads, and other devices. You can jump to articles, access links to browse the Web in-app, view interactive content and video, switch between high-fidelity and plain text modes, bookmark articles, and share articles with friends. Navigating and downloading is now even faster than ever.

In SHOP, you can now buy single issues and subscriptions in-app, and directly with your iTunes account. Find new promotions and special offers, plus great rates on news weeklies, international titles, and annual subscriptions to popular titles - all for under $10.

 Explore and read articles for free from top News, Entertainment, Science & Tech, Art, Lifestyle, Travel magazines and more. Updates daily!
 Read your favorite magazines online or offline, and synchronize your library on multiple devices.
 Shop thousands of magazines from around the world, and buy single issues and subscriptions instantly using your iTunes account.
 Read full-color, high-fidelity pages, or switch to enhanced text mode and resize text for simpler reading.
 Bookmark the articles, pages and photographs you love. Pick up where you left off reading an issue, or organize all your Bookmarks together by date or title.
 Explore links from articles and pages and browse the Web right inside the app.
 More rich media, interactive content, digital-only content than ever for top magazines.

That said, therein lies a downside in the app: Not every digital edition of every magazine is a stellar example of great iPad design, Still, there are a lot of magazines published under the Zinio umbrella, and if you want to read them on your Ipad, Zinio makes it possible.


The App store description of Corkulos calls it an idea board that provides a way to collect, organize, and share your ideas in a way that feels completely natural , I agree completely.

It is a multi-purpose app containing cork boards where you can place notes, labels, photos, contacts, and tasks. Group your ideas visually on one board or spread ideas out across multiple boards (sub-boards also supported). Each cork board has plenty of real estate to capture your best ideas and plans.


Family Message Center, Kitchen Cork Board, Reminder Board, Simple Mind Map, Goal Manager, Vacation/Event Planner, Vision Board, Simple to-do list, Exam Study Aid, Lesson Planner, … and more!


Plan any kind of event, collaborate with friends and colleagues, manage project assignments, brainstorm something BIG, prepare or teach a lesson, track your goals, keep track of your kids' chore list, take notes, build a simple org chart, … and whatever else you might think of.


- iCloud Support: Store your cork boards in iCloud and automatically keep them up to date across all your iOS devices (requires iOS 5.0 or later)
- Dropbox Support: Store your cork boards in Dropbox, access them from all your iOS devices, and share them with other Dropbox users
- Notes, Labels, Photos, Contacts, Tasks, Index Cards, and Arrow Flags
- Multiple cork boards
- Nested cork boards
- Full board view with pinch zooming
- Search cork board items
- Passcode lock main cork boards
- Export, Share, and Import Corkulous files
- Email board snapshots as PDFs or images
- Export board PDFs via iTunes File Sharing
- Save images to Saved Photos album
- Unique back side of the cork board
- Excellent and proven customer support
- Oh yeah, did we mention it's FUN? !!

Group your ideas visually on one board or spread ideas out across multiple boards (sub-boards also supported). Each cork board has plenty of real estate to capture your best ideas and plans.As you might expect from its moniker. Corkulous users a corkboard as its metaphor. You start with a single corkboard but can then create as many additional corkboards as you like.


OmniGraffle knows what makes a diagram different from a drawing, so it knows how to help you make superior documents quickly: it keeps lines connected to shapes even when they're moved, it provides stencils full of objects for you to drag and drop, and it can magically organize diagrams so your ideas come to life.

Using simple multitouch gestures, draw shapes, drag in objects, and style everything until it's just right. Smart guides help you organize your document in a flash, and automatic layout gives you a powerful shortcut to the perfect diagram layout. When you're done, share your creations via PDF export, or open them in OmniGraffle for Mac.

OmniGraffle for the iPad is the best thing I’ve found for creating flow charts and mind maps on my iPad, it combines the best of all three off the aforementioned programs and deliver them on the iPad. Touch screen- via what is possibly the best user interface of any iPad app read that again- I said any iPad app . I wish most of the other iPad apps I use regularly were as throughtfully  designed, powerful, and easy to use as OmniGraffle.

What I like best about OmniGraffle is the way it uses Stencils. Stencils are collections of Pre-made shapes, images, and connectors to use in your documents, as shown in the figure on the left below. On the right side of this images you see the set Of Stencil libraries that come with OmniGraffle ; they include connections , Shapes, software, three-Dimensional, and several others. I’ve since added a bunch of third-party stencil sets for  other uses-  such as web flowcharts. Home-theater connections, video lighting, camera staging , and more.

Using stencil objects is a pleasure. Drag an item from a Stencil Collections onto the canvas and the object behaves just as you expect an object to behave- just as objects behave in your favourite desktop graphics applications such as photoshop, design, and so on, tap an object to select it or tap and drag to select multiple objects at once. Selected items have ‘’handles’’ on the corners and sides, just as you’d expect.


- Use built-in stencils or draw customizable shapes
- Freehand sketch directly onto your canvas
- Touch and drag to connect shapes together
- Touch "lay out now" to automatically arrange your diagram
- Smart guides help you align, rotate, and size objects
- Create multiple page ("canvas") documents
- Share items between your canvases with shared layers
- Wrap text to fit within a shape
- View what styles make up a shape in your diagram
- Select a whole class of objects at once to make changes
- Choose colors from built-in themes
- Create custom colors with support for HSB, RGB, and grayscale
- Create linear and radial fills, blending up to three colors with customizable centers and angles
- Set stroke/line thickness, color, and customize line styles
- Create transparent shape shadows which fall on objects or layers that are behind it
- Define shadow blur/sharpness, transparency, color, and position
- Pinch to zoom in and out
- Combine any two shapes in your document into a table
- Share native OmniGraffle documents via email, or email as a scalable PDF
- Save documents as a graphic in your Photos library

Print n Share

 If you ever have to print documents on your Mac or PC –whether locally over your Wi-Fi network or remotely over 3G or EDGE- print to share is what you need. Plus, it’s so  chock-full of other useful features that I hardly know where to start.
Print n Share is   easy to set up. First install WePrint (freely available on their website) on your MAC or PC, and then download and install Print n Share on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply start up the app and let it know that you have WePrint installed and connect to the same network as the desktop running it. From then on, you can print any files directly on your iPhone that can be printed from the desktop running WePrint.  
A nice touch for the app is the ability to print contact information from your Contacts section of the iPhone. Print n Share will access the information directly and provide you with several options for printing, including the much-required DYMO LabelWriter feature. This will let you print directly to the label printer. After you choose the printing template, Print n Share will pull out the information from your Contacts and set the rest up for you.
With that taking care of the Print part of Print n Share, you might wonder what about sharing? Well, the app can be easily configured to work in combination with your networked desktops, online services such as or and even sync with your MobileMe account, so you can share your documents with any of these services and have them available on the go.
Let’s start with the basics. If you have a Wi-Fi – enabled printer , setting up printing couldn’t be easier , I launched print share on my iPad and it immediately discovered both Wi-Fi printers in my house, I could print to both  within  a few seconds of launching the app for the first time.WePrint and Print n Share make up a fully integrated system to take care of any print jobs on the go. With Print n Share on your iPhone and the WePrint Server as your desktop software, you're set to go, well, actually, print.  

GoodReader® is the super-robust highly-rated PDF reader with advanced reading and annotating capabilities.

 It speciality is letting your read the huge PDF or text files that bring other iPad apps to their knees. It’s also one of the best app for reading just about anything- including Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel files; iWork 08 and ‘’09 files; Web pages and Safari web archive files.

 With GoodReader on your iPhone, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. Use it once and you’ll be hooked.
GoodReader has earned its accolades by the way it handles huge PDF and TXT files, manuals, large books, magazines. The ability to mark-up PDFs opens up new doors to GoodReader users who can now use typewriter text boxes, sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file.
Plus a number of high-resolution image file formats, with bookmarks, search , full-screen reading mode, and easy importing from iTunes, iDisk, Dropbox, and other sources, GoodReader is one of the most-used apps on my iPad.


Instapaper's critically acclaimed, award-winning iPhone app is the most popular way to read Instapaper content. View your saved pages in the mobile-optimized Text view. Instapaper is popular among subway commuters and iPod Touch owners because it stores your articles for reading even if you're offline. Save web pages for later offline reading, optimized for readability on your iPhone or iPod touch's screen. Featured by Apple and critically acclaimed by top blogs, newspapers, and magazines!

Great for long articles and blog posts that you find during the day and would like to read, but don't have the time when you find them. Save with Instapaper, then read later when you're commuting, in a meeting, or waiting in line.

Have you ever happened upon a web page with a long , interesting story you wanted to read but don’t have time? Or have you wished you could somehow stick the story in your pocket and read it during the train ride home, on the airplane, or during some other downtime? If you’ve ever wished those things, you’re going to love instapaper-an iPad app that lets you save web pages from any browser and read. Them later on your iPad , with or without an internet connection.

Use Your Handwriting

Yes, use your Handwriting is yet another to-do list organizer/ reminder type app , but it has a unique twist: you can’t type notes or even speak them. Instead, as the app name implies , when you use Use your Handwriting , your write your notes by hand ( actually by finger)  I love the way the screen scrolls automatically to allow you to write entire sentences on one line.  
Have you ever wanted to write fast, beautiful notes without having to use the popup keyboard? How about just using your finger on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s gorgeous screen?

Use Your Handwriting® (UYH) is a powerful yet simple way to organize and express yourself. Instead of typing items in, Use Your Handwriting lets you write them by hand (well, by finger) - and with its unique graphic rendering engine, makes what you write look like your actual handwriting!


No matter what your 4th grade teacher told you, you have beautiful handwriting. What you couldn’t do with a pen, you can do with UYH. Choose between five different writing styles and your calligraphy will be amazing everyone in no time.


Have you ever tried using the popup keyboard while walking? We would advise against it. With UYH, you don't necessarily have to look at your device when jotting down a quick reminder or noting a phone number. Start the app, squiggle your note, and you're done. Use the faster "Hyper-write mode" for an even speedier experience.


Use Your Handwriting welcomes new users with a tutorial that teaches you its basic functions by actually using them. Unless you decide to skip the tutorial and brave it, you are guaranteed to get off to a swift start!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wealth pf Phone Apps - Keep It Coming !!


iEat Hawker

US$0.99 (S$1.30) From the Apple App Store

ieatishootipost iPhone App

Based on the food blog,, this app will help you find Singapore’s best hawker fare, The database offers information on more than 460 hawker stalls, each with a write-up , photos and ratings.

If you are foodie , use the category function to find the best chicken rice, Nasi lemak or Roti Prata in Singapore.On the other hand, if you just like eating and only want to find food near you, tap on the map tab to locate stalls in your vicinity.There is also a free version of this app, which has fewer categories , for the price, it makes sense to get the full versions.

100 PLUS RunMaster
Free, from the Apple Apps Store

Planning to take part in a marathon? This app might help.

It tracks the distance you have covered, you pace and the calories burnt. If you are in serious training for a marathon, this apps has a programme to prepare you for that 42km slog.

The app gives out badges if you meet certain targets , but what sets it apart from other running apps is that it gives out real prizes as well, such as 100Plus drinks and sports accessories

Not Surprisingly , it has a fluidloss calculator, this tells you how much you have lost and how much you need to drink to replenish, Overall, this is a handy app for most runners.

TransitLink How2Go

Free, from the Apple App Store

When your way around by bus and train.You can choose the fastest route, the cheapest route
or the one with the least number of Transfers.
It will search using addresses , road names, landmarks, MRT Station or bus stop codes.
The nice thing about nice this App is that it will also calculate the cost of fares based on distance covered and type of passenger (adult/child/senior citizen).
My Place

Free, from Chrome Web Store

This application supports the GoogleMaps.
You Can register your favorite place.
---How to Register---
How to register with GoogleMaps
1.Run GoogleMaps application

2.Long tap and "Share this place" in this application

3.Throw intent to this Application(Myplace)


How to register from GoogleMaps URL

1.Long tap link URL.

2.Select "Share link"

3.Throw intent to this Application(Myplace)

---How to call the registration place---

1.Run this Application(Myplace)

2.Select Group→Select Place

Use this app to create maps or your favourite places around the world, such as restaurants, clubs or beaches. Hen share you maps with friends by inviting them to use the app.

You can add a description to each location but not upload images and videos.

My places comes with three sets of geo-tagged content, which you can add to your maps to view world landmarks and the latest Flickr Photos.

Upcoming features will let you create your own content sets and view check-in details of friends on location-based services such as Foursquare.
Three voice-activated services for smartphones
Iris Platform:Android

Iris for Android, Siri alternative for smartphones on the Google mobile OS - | Platform - Android |
If the apps tagline, ‘’just talk to Iris about anything and listen to its wisdom ‘’ does not tell you this is a dig at Apple’s Siri, the name should: Iris is Siri spelled backwards.

Aside from answering questions and giving some verbal replies, Iris can send SMS messages and dial numbers on your contact list,This does not work consistently , First, I told the phone to dial a friends numbers , which it did , it does better with English names, although it kept identifying Peter as pizza. I then tried to send as SMS message, that worked too, but instead of asking me are a recipient, it sent the message immediately to the friend I had called earlier.

Results for queries were not perfect , while a ‘’burn Notice’’ search did produce a one-liner about the TV show , Iris said it needed time to formulate the reply when I asked it to search for ‘’twilight’’ I assume this is its way of telling me to try again.When you say that you want to send an e-mail, its response is: ‘’I want to become smarter than humans’’

Well, that may take a while, in the meantime, the humans behind Iris need to find ways to make the app smarter than Siri , instead offering it as a sideshow.


Platform: Android, iOS
iPhone Screenshot 2

It might sound like a gimmick to tout an app’s ability to recognise Spoken Singlish and other local terms, but its benefits are tremendous.User no longer need to do a word search by keying in names and wondering if that delicious Indian rice dish should be spelled nasi briyani, nasi brani or nasi biryani.Better yet, if you have in hankering for carrot cake, its default result will be chye tow kway instead of the American cake of the same name.Fire up the app and you can search for food, banks, ATMs and other amenities; make a restaurant reservation; or search business directories, among other things.

Voice input applies only to searches, so users cannot ‘’ask’’ the app to book a taxi or buy movie tickets. If there is a voice option, a red button will appear on the screen.

For the most part, the app easily recognises search request for restaurant such as Sakae Sushi, amenities such as POSB ATMs and local food such as Hokkien mee, kaya toast nasi lemak and even hum cheen pang (a-salty-sweet Chinese fritter).

Still, the app is a work-in-progress, so it does not recognise every last local speciality, While it can search by its dialect name, ‘’orhluak’’ was beyond its current capabilities.

And you can forget about the location-based feature, the app can pinpoint where you are, but it does not list search results by proximity to your location.

So a search for Hokkien mee in Toa Payoh produced results in Changi and the East Coast area. Some faraway eateries were right at the top of the list.

As this app is powered by SingTel inSing business directories and may not be exhaustive.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bookfest@Singapore -Lack of Books Written by Singapore Authors

Singapore leading   Telco SingTel is offering  and selling ebook   with the launch of Skoob, Singapore’s first e-books retailer .
Singtel Skoob ebookstore

Being a ebook  reseller  does not mean  that  Skoob  is  a Publisher  as mentioned  by some  major newspaper  in  Singapore
It  was reported that  the service has launched with more than 39.000 books from six major publishers, namely Simon and Schuster , Random house , Penguin , HarperCollins , Hachette Book Group and Macmillan  with books   available  for android  and iOS  edition .  That  aside , SKoob  will also be offering   revision guides for primary –level maths and secondary-level English, chemistry and physics  and  maybe  hopefully  they  will consider to  provide Print of Demand  service  and  Singapore Post  One day in  the future
Picture by Asiaone on Skoob

 Presently  , their   range of books also  include    local  published books from  some leading  Singapore Publishers like   Popular , Marshall Cavendish, Cengage Learning, , Asiapac, Flame of the Forest, McGraw Hill, Sunbear, Monsoon, SAP and janus Education.
Picture taken from Bookfest@singapore

This   show  some  contribution  back to Singapore society   as it will at  least encourage  readers  to have  easy  access to  Local  authors  or Singapore published  books  . After visiting BookFest@Singapore,we noticed  there  were lack of books written by Singapore Authors ,and  I feel local works  will need our a better platform  like Skoob to help local authors showcase Singaporean's works to the World .
Presently in Asean region  , we have  seen  Malaysia  Universities , Thailand  and even Indonesia  venture  into  Print on Demand  service , where   the publisher   encourage   Local Authors  to  Publish their  books .
One such  Publishing company  in  Indonesia   is Nulisbuku ,who believe  to create a dream  for all people to product  their  work in a Free and Easy  way .  also provides an  online  bookstore  that is used  as a platform  for  sharing  new author’s work  ( book ) .
Nulisbuku- Indonesia

As mentioned in their website ; “Our Dream is to make all people  ; be it that their occupation  be a chef, a blogger , a teacher , student ,photographers , professors  , everyone ( including  you! ) Could be a Writer  and publishes  Your Book Dream  .
ebook from ehongkong

We have seen  Singapore  encouraging  young writers to participate  through  the Singapore Writer festival  but  the theme  behind  the whole program is too commercialise ,and the   main keynote to such  program  without a Print of demand  facility  by a  Non  governmental Organisation  is  quite meaningless .
We  only  see  authors  with good media publicity  being enrolled for  such  program .With  Singapore high intellectual , basically  a simple  Governmental support to  a NGO  to  promote writing  through the National Library  board of Singapore  could easily implement   ;
“”Print on Demand service for all Singapore Potential Writer “
Where the Government of Singapore  can  easily install  the  most  efficient Print on Demand   machine  in one of  their  agencies to encourage  all  potential  writers to submit  their manuscript   for    publishing . So far ,  Singapore Book council has run  some course of  self  publishing  with  engaging   some speaker from Australia ,but without  the machine , it is just a  FAR  stone’s throw  away .

P.O.D machine

Such  investment, which is a low cost to Singapore  Governmental agencies  ,   will bring forth  Singaporean  Young and Old , to  take  up some of the interest  and venture into writing as hobby  or even as a career      and   courses of self publishing  can  be frequently organized  at different venues  throughout  Singapore  could  boost and enhanced   additional Added value  to future  organizing of  the  Singapore Writer Festival

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bookfest Singapore – Masterchefs Provide Wealth of Free Food Tasting

Book Festival  in Singapore  is no longer   tune  for Books reader , it  might  just  turn  out as a Gourmet tasting  occasion  when  the  organizer   who  wish  capitalize  on the popularity  of  some  Top  Chefs    took  this coming opportunity   to  introduce  new cook books for the coming events
Suntec  city -Photo from Flickr
Bookfest ads -Popular
Much  has  been  mentioned about  the new cook  book  ; The Hot  and Spicy  Way , but  yet  the organizers has pulled in   some of the better know celebrity  chefs  like Eric Teo  and  Daniel  Koh hoping  to attract more general visitors to the show ,or food for thought  visitors  , not books for thought
Banner  from Bookfest

I  am surprised  again  that  Bookfest@ organizer  is not focusing so much  on  ebooks  and  mobile  internet device and their  marketing  agenda turns  to  Teachers resources product   and  Chefs  who  can curry flavor  some foods for Thought .
 It  is not  very  much in line  with  the  Singapore University's interest  to promote  New Graduates   to   pickup  writing interest ,  which   was supported   with  a full house event  when  the Writers festival  was organized  in Singapore during this October.
Banner from Bookfest

With New Media technologies, Writers  are encouraged  to approach  this New Media for Thought  instead  of Good Food from Top Chef   for Thought . The  theme  for the show  has been  One Book One World ,  it would  has been  most encouraging   that  the theme be  ;


Bring  us the New Media  technology  and  encourage   writers to approach  such technology to breach into ebook writing and  bring forth  New product  to the World of Books   with  new  etheme  ;
Amazon reading apps

A  Good promotion  theme  by the organizer  will churns  out more potential writers and  being  the major event organizer in the region ,their encouragement  to  youth  to start  writing  will enhance people  from  all walks  of life  to appreciate  the better  things in life, and it shows their support and contribution to society  their   inspiration wish to  encourage new writers as a Market leader  for book reading industries .

Compliment aidubooks

Blogging for Youth 
We have recently  started   seeing some major bookstores  started  encouraging   writers to submit  their manuscript   for   their  review  with option for writers  to  consider publishing  their books online , and  this  set off new inspiration for Youth  who  need better purpose in life.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Kindlefire Provide Value for Money - Price Against Features

The Kindle fire has finally been launched and the question is will  the Fire  Burn  up   the sales of china made  tablets such as  the product range from SmartDevices ,  Wits , Ainol  , Cube  or EKEN .
Smart G7 

Well, as  the Kindle Fire is not due to for  released  for  International market except  maybe  for UK  and Canada  by next year . Presently  the Unit is still on Pre-Order Basis  and may be available for Christmas in the  US this year  . There is off course  a workaround on the delivery in our  last article on Amazon’s   Kindlefire , which   explain the procedure  on how to  order the  Unit  via  concierge services , and  overseas  fans of kindle  can  still access  to it to  be  early birdie   rather then  late to be Angry Birds .

Certainly the Amazon Kindle Fire  seems to be  a “  Good  Buy  “although people are concerns over the privacy aspect of the Kindle Soft web browser. As the  Amazon’s  silk  browser   use  Amazon’s own databanks   and  it will know exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve done on the web.   But based on its Published price , It seems  the price  of the kindlefire  will most  likely   is will  blow a hole in the sales of  China  cheap tablet pcs such as the  Eken , Cube , Wits  , Ainol   etc ……..
 The  latest  casualty could  be the  Smartdevice 7 G   , which  recently  has it  new product  launch  which   was developed  to compete  with the Galaxy Tab .
Smart G7 

Comparison of Kindlefire with China  Import Tablet
Some of the  difference in comparison   are mentioned as follows ;
China Tablet

Screen: They both sport a multi touch colour screen. Both  resolution of the Kindle fire and G7  comes in at 1024 pixels
Processor: There no information on the power on the Kindle Fire processor other than it’s dual core. Rumour is that it is going to have a clock speed of 1GHz. The  Smart G7 with a clock speed of 800  Mhz
Memory: There no official release of the amount of RAM memory that will be available on the Kindle Fire while the  Smart G7  comes complete with 512MB of RAM.  Internal storage of the Kindle Fire is 8GB while the  Smart G7  comes in at half at  4GB. External storage through SD card is not available on the Kindle Fire but the Smart G7  has a micro SD card slot that can take up to 32GB cards.
China Tablet 

Connectivity: Both units use wifi as access to the internet and  has  USB  cport .
TV connection: Kindle fire lacks a HDMI connection to allow direct connection to a TV while the Smart G7  has a HDMI connection.
Camera: Both the Smart G7   and   Kindle Fire has no camera  

Operating system: Both units run the Android 2.3 OS while the Fire system has been heavily modified by Amazon the Smart G7  is android upgradeable  to latest version
 It still worth considering  buying a cheap Chinese import if you are looking for an affordable tablet PC. You’ll still get more features out  for the money even if Amazon has produced a great value tablet in the Kindle Fire.

But fairly based on Price / ratio on features, truly the Kindlefire is  definite  a Value for Money  Product , despite some  small short coming .