Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Thursday, 29 December 2011

2011 Wealth of iPhone New Apps

For iPhone owners ,Apps are in abundance  but  this year brought a flood of new apps  which  outshine  others ,usually  such  Hot apps are  much  welcome  by user who uses both iPad and Iphone together .The  following list the various  most popular apps for iPhone

Dragon Go is a   leading speech-recognition software from maker Nuance. It can turn your iOS device into your own personal secretary. Tell it to buy Google Translate , for instance, and it will fetch it from the App Store. Or ask it to find you movie times, and it will put Mission Impossible  right on screen for you, with geo-location match to find cinema near you.  

People who have an ipod touch or older iPhone and are tired of hearing about Siri from iPhone 4S owners can find relief with this genius little app.
   Touch a button and tell Drag On Go! (free) what you need, and it scans the Web for results . Say ‘’italian food “ and it’ll suggest near by restaurant via Local based services features

 Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you . Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from the smallest blogs to publications  . Flipboard is the world's first social magazine. Your Flipboard is a fast, beautiful way to flip through news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook and Twitter. And it’s an incredible place to discover fresh content from around the Twittersphere.  Connect Flipboard to all your social networks, and you'll have a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you.

 Last year , iPhone users could only watch as iPad owners used Filipboard to get beautiful versions of Facebook, Twitter and other graphically challenged online service. Flipboard is fast, slick and smart. The twitter apps scrolling feature  will  find  user  clicking through to more information about twitter post to  view them on Flipboard , and it’s great to feeds in the same app.


If   don’t want to pay a lot to Pandora to listen to new music without ads, Band Of The Day ( free) is a great choice. Band Of the Day is the world's first daily music magazine built solely for mobile devices. Surpassing traditional music magazines, Band of the Day delivers a new artist or band every single day through expert curation and engaging reviews, as well as full streams of the artist's top songs, videos, photographs and more. A new band in your pocket, everyday. Listen, Discover, Share.

 The app feature five songs from a new band daily, along with artist bios, videos and reviews you can listen to each song five times and, if you don’t love one day’s selections.


SkyView is a sky viewing app. Basically   it uses the iOS device’s camera so that you can view exactly where a star,   solar system or satellite is located and in the sky  
 Instead of looking up at the stars wondering what you’re looking at, SkyView helps you determine exactly what everything is. It’s a fantastic app for this and was immensely interesting to use at nighttime.  You can choose to see the path of the Sun, Moon or a planet and see its path across the screen over a 24hr period. Plus you can change the date and time to see how the future will change planetary alignments.
 As an educational stargazer   tool,   It’ll make things much more interesting to children who are struggling to see how a constellation is laid out This is the new leader among iPhone astronomy apps-at least for the price. The graphics are wonderful and you can click for more information on various planets and stars, or with the sweep of a finger, learn when they will be in a particular spot in the sky  The free version is also good, but it offers just a glimpse of the paid versions extended features.


VidRhythm is an app designed to let users put themselves into a music video of sorts. After sampling and deciding upon a specific song, they then choose a style (i.e. visual presentation theme) and start recording. The app itself makes things very simple by breaking the core elements of each tune down into a handful of sample sounds ,it  guides you through the process of recording a few sound and video samples , and drops these  beta track  into one of roughly 15 music-video templates.
   The random scrambling of your samples , set to rhythm , is a bit of a musical and humour brilliance ,  
 which  includes pitch corrections technology, so the tonally challenged needn’t fear tonally the results, you can export videos to Facebook or You Tube , or import original music and let VidRhythm twist your tunes.


 Wunderlist makes it downright simple to organize your daily life. Just create a list and start filling it with things that need to be completed. Keep track of your more important tasks with reminders and notifications. You can even create a new task for Wunderlist straight from your email inbox. Oh, and did we forget to tell you? Its free!
No matter where you are or what you're doing, your organization can finally come along! When we brought Wunderlist to every major platform in the digital world, we took portability seriously. Task management with Wunderlist is now available on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and on the Web. No matter which version you are using, your tasks and lists will be synchronized.
 The app makes it easy to set up a task list and prioritise and organise items , the layout is organise items, the layout is clean and attractive , and the app has intelligence flourishes, including a feature that lets users add tasks through e-mail.


Apple has updated GarageBand for iOS. It's now universal with support for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation) and iPod touch (4th generation). There are several new features, too, like custom chords for smart instruments, support for additional time signatures (3/4 time and 6/8) and new audio export quality settings.

Track are easily build and tweaked , so you can peck a way at a musical idea for months or sketch something in a matter of minutes.  offers "numerous enhancements," including adjustable velocity settings for the touch instruments, new transposition options and support for recording in straight eighth notes, swinging eighths and triplet .Using can external device like the   the Guitar Jack , guitarist can plug their instrument into the iPhone and add layers of  quality box sound


Photosynth v1.1.1 is now available and better than ever . It come added  with functionality to save cropped versions of panoramas to the phone’s camera roll.
Photosynth for iOS is the panorama creation app that makes it easy and fun to capture and share interactive panoramas of the places, people, and events that are important to you. Using the latest in computer vision techniques, Photosynth allows you to not only make a panorama from left to right, but also up and down, enabling you to capture a full “sphere”.

Once you’ve created a Photosynth you can share it as an interactive panorama experience to Facebook   or as a simple image. You can also publish your panoramas to Bing Maps where millions of people can see your panoramas, both on the a map itself and in search results for the places you've captured. We’ve also added a “Best of Bing Maps” feature where we’ll be showing off the best of what you and your fellow users create.
This extremely cool panorama technology from Microsoft is highly refined and a breeze to use.
Hold steady ,just  point and focus  the phones camera in your shooting direction  and Photosynth (free) snaps the  picture. It then prompts you to drift in different directions and to stop when it detects the next photo in the panorama sequence.

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