Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bookfest Singapore – Masterchefs Provide Wealth of Free Food Tasting

Book Festival  in Singapore  is no longer   tune  for Books reader , it  might  just  turn  out as a Gourmet tasting  occasion  when  the  organizer   who  wish  capitalize  on the popularity  of  some  Top  Chefs    took  this coming opportunity   to  introduce  new cook books for the coming events
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Bookfest ads -Popular
Much  has  been  mentioned about  the new cook  book  ; The Hot  and Spicy  Way , but  yet  the organizers has pulled in   some of the better know celebrity  chefs  like Eric Teo  and  Daniel  Koh hoping  to attract more general visitors to the show ,or food for thought  visitors  , not books for thought
Banner  from Bookfest

I  am surprised  again  that  Bookfest@ organizer  is not focusing so much  on  ebooks  and  mobile  internet device and their  marketing  agenda turns  to  Teachers resources product   and  Chefs  who  can curry flavor  some foods for Thought .
 It  is not  very  much in line  with  the  Singapore University's interest  to promote  New Graduates   to   pickup  writing interest ,  which   was supported   with  a full house event  when  the Writers festival  was organized  in Singapore during this October.
Banner from Bookfest

With New Media technologies, Writers  are encouraged  to approach  this New Media for Thought  instead  of Good Food from Top Chef   for Thought . The  theme  for the show  has been  One Book One World ,  it would  has been  most encouraging   that  the theme be  ;


Bring  us the New Media  technology  and  encourage   writers to approach  such technology to breach into ebook writing and  bring forth  New product  to the World of Books   with  new  etheme  ;
Amazon reading apps

A  Good promotion  theme  by the organizer  will churns  out more potential writers and  being  the major event organizer in the region ,their encouragement  to  youth  to start  writing  will enhance people  from  all walks  of life  to appreciate  the better  things in life, and it shows their support and contribution to society  their   inspiration wish to  encourage new writers as a Market leader  for book reading industries .

Compliment aidubooks

Blogging for Youth 
We have recently  started   seeing some major bookstores  started  encouraging   writers to submit  their manuscript   for   their  review  with option for writers  to  consider publishing  their books online , and  this  set off new inspiration for Youth  who  need better purpose in life.

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