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Mystic wealth

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Web Surfing in China - check out what are the major differences between China with Rest of the World in Internet

China is The World Largest Internet Market with following statistics from China Internet Network information Centre Under The Ministry Of Information Industry China
Internet Users : 384 Million and growing
Broadband User : 346 million
WWW websites : 3.23 Million
Domain Names : 16.82 Million

With the biggest numbers of Internet users , the authorities in China get on it’s nerve as the internet is the mainstream media .
Anything or whatever happens on the internet , the Internet community is able to relate fast through the Web especially , the Social Networking site whom are able to relate fast from many , among many to utmost many , which is understandably why they have all the censors in place as most major Internet companies like ( Search engine site ) and the (Social networking site ) are understood to have hundred of Human censors to monitor their users , and anyone could have post any sensitive issue in one of the world most populated Country anytime.

It is therefore understandable that the authorities want to control the internet , as among the users , mostly are common Chinese whom use the internet for chatting , social bookmarking , entertainment like watching streaming movies and playing games .
But increasingly some branched into voicing out social issues , which prone concern to the authorities for the Country with over a Billion people in Population .

A Total Different Game of Web surfing in China

Due to China’s Main language is Mandarin .Chinese netizens have therefore a different approach to the Web compared to netizens in other countries . In the first place , they use Chinese to communicate ,mostly type in Chinese Characters , and usually the Chinese web portal are loaded with Multiple type of links with icons tune in with local chinese cultural Icon , some which symbolize Chinese literature characters , of which the People are brought up with ., which attract Chinese users to stick to only a few service providers .

Chinese websurfers are extremely active in posting comments and exchange point of view thru social networking site and chatline but as almost 70% earn 2,000 yuan ( est. USD 285 a month or less , therefore the authority is able to influence public opinion and block government criticism as they are able to engage role models in the Net world to help them counter and defend criticism . Like wise in the commercial world they are also able to despise any website , which they dislike , by getting contractor Internet Black hat companies to make remarks on bad service, or to buy quantity clicks for specific polls campaign .

Over the past years , it took some various major Big Internet player great struggles to try to penetrate the Chinese Playing field of internet , some has managed but others finally gave up with companies like Yahoo in 2005 and eBay in 2006 .

But even though they have left , China has evolves and come up with more Chinese based website sites which are in par of services to most of this major big players,
You will find some of the majors sites as follows ; - a site similar with facebook
www.360quan .com - a social networking site - a site similar to Youtube - a payment gateway similar to Paypal
QQ Chatline - ICQ - ebay alternative in China

With the understanding of the different internet usage formalities in China ,
Business Corporation whom intend to explore and invest in this major market will need China & Asian based specialty marketing firms to help them do the necessary market and product survey before proceeding with their plans.

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