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Mystic wealth

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Small Business Owner Need Effective Promotion Tools To Improve Business Online

GSA Auto Website Submitter is Effective in Promoting Website's Visibility

Nowadays, the Internet has become one  of the most  powerful platform  to market your product  through your  website or blog . But, in order to  ensure your  product  and website’s  visibility  to all your potential customer , you will need to drive  lot of  targeted  traffic or  visitors to your website or blog. A guaranteed way to insure your webpage's success is to add it to search engines so that other people can easily find it. GSA Auto Website Submitter is a tool designed to help you in that regard.
More people are using engines like google ,yahoo  and Bing than ever before up to date  status  quo confirmed  that more than 75% of all visitors are coming from search engines.
It is important that the website is not just listed on them, but that it is listed at the first pages since almost no one will go beyond web page 10 of the search results.
You have to make sure that many other websites link to your web page to get your website listed at the first result pages inside a search engine. This is usually the main criteria for search engines to rank a website. Therefore  ,prior to submission , make sure  your website is  in the best shape so that your submission efforts may bring good value to your effort s.  
GSA Auto Website Submitter
This step is crucial. Directory submission is a time-consuming and you don't want to waste your time submitting. Get the website in order   before you invite the search engines over for a visit!
GSA Auto Website Submitter will actually save you a lot of time and effort because the process of submitting your website is completely automated and due to the fact that it is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is insert a few details about your website (the site's address, category, your e-mail, phone number and a few others), a title and a description and have the software submit your site to the list of search engines, directories and blogs that you have selected. This amazing tool will help you stay in the top of the search list by automatically submitting your website to thousands of directories and search engines.
Another  outstanding  feature provided by GSA Auto Website Submitter is its "E-Mail validation" tool  which give the software the ability to log into your e-mail account and automatically reply and validate any verification mails that the directories or search engines where you submitted your site
If you are in need of a tool that can improve  your website and help you increase the traffic of search engines to your webpage, then GSA Auto Website Submitter is definitely the way to go. It is an effective software that will make sure your site is well promoted, easy to find and known to the entire world. This stunning application will save you a lot of time, effort and money and you get to try it for free for 30 days
Unlike other programs it will achieve this not semi-automated but almost fully automated. Filling out categories and a description is all you need to do. It is also possible to fill Captchas instantly either by analyzing the image codes through the program or by using so called captcha services for a small fee (e.g. 6 USD for 1000 captchas).
Make your site known to other people
If you aren't listed in these search engines, web users won't even know you exist.
 Site statistics provide  by GSA  Website submitter includes  the following statistics ( Quantity )
Search Engines  (  78 ) ,  Directories  (14764),Blog lists  (87),All Providers  (14929 )
Sites that Require   captcha input   (10667 ) ,Require backlink  (2945 )      
 Page Rank categories :                                                                  
PageRank 1         (2042 )                  PageRank 2         (1382 )
PageRank 3         (1048 )                  PageRank 4         (513)     
PageRank 5         (165)                      PageRank 6         ( 49 )     
PageRank 7         ( 13 )                      PageRank 8         (5)
 International  (12340) , France  (523),Germany  (511 ) ,United Kingdom  (307 )    
United States    (272 )     and many others  ,with frequent  updates  almost monthly with new directories
One of the most important tools for increasing your position in search engines tend to be inbound links.GSA Website Submitter helps you gain these important links simply by automatically submitting you to directories as well as search engines.
Every directory you are listed in provides you with a back link.
This program  is frequently  updated few  times a month to make sure that all of the submission sites (over ten thousand directories and search engines) are still functioning well  thus saving  user   a lot of time, money and other resources
Under normal  website  submission  procedure , it takes  an individual  weeks  or sometime  months  to transmit your own sites to every single search engine and directory  but  with the  GSA  website submitter ,You can now submit all your websites within hours  simply by automating the submission process, so that you can improve your productivity in operating your business.
Drive traffic  from  search engines to your site
Automated submission is saving you time and improve  your productivity
Increase inbound links through directory submissions
Regular updates with new directories and search engines almost once per week
E-Mail validation tool (logs into the E-Mail account and automatically clicks the verification links
Automated captcha solving with DeCaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, or even CaptchaSniper
Usage of spin and rewrite syntax
Multiple proxy usage (auto find fresh proxies)
Link report tool
GSA   "Submission Service" license is intended for individuals or  companies who plan to submit websites that don't belong to them. Usually they own or provide a  submission service and submit those sites for their  clients . This license is usable for one year. Every Normal  license only allows the submission of internet sites that belong to the license owner.
For  Newbies  or companies  who   wish to  reach a wider  scope on the  search engine ranking , we  suggest to consider the GSA  One Month , or One  year  Purchase  version depending on their  use .  
GSA Auto Website Submitter submits as many websites as you choose to almost 15,000 web directories. The software  will be able to   track which websites have been submitted and also the feedback response from the directories. New directories may also be imported if you by any chance get through the 15,000 pre installed so the software should be good to run for  several  years  at least .
User  will be able to  set the type of directories you wish to submit to at any one time along with the full list of  number of successful submissions.  As  GSA  Website submitter  is fully automated  ,it can submit to around 500 directories an hour and will even manage the confirmation emails if you also connect it to an email account. Another good  feature of   this software is, it could allow  user  to export a list of live links, so that  all these links and pages are be further  indexed and seen by the search engines. 

SEO indexer
User  can also consider  to  purchase    the New GSA ‘s SEO  indexer  which  will provide  enhance   Indexing of  the live links  which further  can get your website indexed by search engines like Google or Bing within minutes where you previously needed to wait days or even weeks.This option product will cost  at USD 20-00  only .  The indexer   technique is very well known to SEO experts and works by posting your webpage to a lot “whois “and statistics websites as well as search engines alone, resulting in a lot of inbound links.
The GSA  website submitter  software comes with two types of licenses. Personal, for individuals and submission service for SEO specialist , which is more  for SEO companies which want to submit to directories as a service to their clients. If you want to try the software for a month before commiting yourself to a yearly licence that is also possible, however if you work with more than one website the yearly or lifetime license is your best option. 
Normally  it  would take a full time SEO link builder almost a few months  to  build  up a strong  backlink background   linked  to their website  , it is wise to schedule  and  build links slowly and regularly.  User using  the  software is  suggested  to progressively submit for   new websites around 200  for  the first few weeks  , followed by 200 every week for the next 3 or 4 months and whereas   for established sites I would go for around 500 a week maximum.
 If you are an SEO specialist, the  software generated  submission report  can be submitted  to all clients as submission report   which certify and verify  that you are doing all the hard work they are paying you for, leaving  a good rapport  with your clients  which  will encourage customer to engage your service again.
 With GSA website submitter ,  User  do not have to spend a lot of money and time to accomplish all the website  submission process , but why is it so important to have your website listed on so many other sites?  It is not only that more customers will find and use your services and product  but also that your ranking in the search engines will improves and that will  attract more  visitors to your website   . It is therefore  very important to have as many links to your web page as possible to get a good ranking in search engines. With GSA Auto Website Submitter, the  marketing effort  to  boost your website  visibility  on the internet will be  increased
 As such, why can this job not be done automatically? Now it can thanks to GSA Auto Website Submitter. There are a few ways to make your website known and more profitable. One way is to make your website SEO friendly and another way is to promote your website automatically to over 15000 search engines and directories with the help of the GSA Auto Website Submitter.
You do not have to be a professional to use GSA Auto Website Submitter. This program is very easy to use and every beginner can handle this software very well.
Download GSA Auto Website Submitter

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