Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 27 October 2012

New Windows 8 Provide Wealth of New Browsing Experience

Mobility + Adaptability  from docking  base with keyboard ,convertible laptop to Touchscreen AIO system  .Microsoft has  look  into  these trendy  requirement  and has  redesigned their  interface of operating system so that  it become  easy to navigate with just your fingers.

With the new  windows 8, Microsoft want to move users to a new trend  home screen called the
Start Screen , which has been designed from scratch , to make use of its touch interface.

Pinning Tiles style is the new trend  and it does  brighten up the screen viewing concept , just like
 other touchscreen tablets where installed apps  can be   easily  access  from this screen. User
 may ‘’pin’’ their  favourite Web pages and other links onto the start screen.

While it is normal   to make use of mouse and keyboard to navigate the start screen, this seems
less intuitive than using your fingers, as sweeping across the screen easily brings up new menu
Touch  or swipe  ,this are common function  on mobile  phones and user will quite easily  get 
used to   navigating  around  the new windows 8 new  start screen using its  touchscreen  interface.

Get familiar  with  the Navigation


Swiping inwards from the left edge of the screen takes you back to the previous app like
a “return” Function .When using a mouse, point the cursor to the top-left it down or point
to the bottom left corner and then move it up for the same effect. Try swiping  inward
from the left of the screen ,then swipe back ,the last six apps still in open  running will
fall into a line bar
Swipe in the CHARMS Function

Swipe inwards from the right edge of the screen and set of five icons, called charms,
will appearIf you have a mouse, move the cursor to the top-right corner of the screen 
and then move it down. You can also aim for the bottom-right corner  then  call up
Charms from any program or any Window you are in.

Here are how the Charms work

Search  function

An  intelligent search system which  quickly find  and locate  specific document, photo
,file and  even apps . The  Search  function is context – specific and allow   to search
for what you are looking for within an app or folder.
For example, when you search within a Microsoft word document or within the Windows
 Store, the results will be different as Search understand you are looking in different locations.

Social Sharing

Use the share charm to share photos, Documents,video ,  web articles and maybe a app
game you discovered with your friends.There are all the function here  to get connected 
to friends  or business associate using this function  . Sending a Weblink via an a e-mail
messaging ,or  bookmarking or tagging  can be  easily  done as the charms integrate  well
with most social media  and networking sites  

Hitting the start Charm instantly brings you back to the start Screen, the homing  function
 is exactly the same  like many  other  mobile devices and  It also works the same way as
 the Windows button on a keyboard.
Windows 8 has been designed for true multitasking, so you can have dozens of
apps running at the same time, unlike most other touchscreen devices.

Connected Devices function

This function allows  user to  directly access your printer, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, projector
, external monitor and other devices connected to your PC.Context-sensitive setting appear at the
top and different options are offered, depending on the app you are running.

Trick in  using the Apps function  
Windows 8 is a true multitasking operating system ,  so  it can  run  multiple tasks all the the same
 time ,not limited to just the screen  but totally even in its  hardware functionability
To close an app, you have to navigate  the  finger  to  the top of the screen and then drag down to the bottom, while doing so the app will shrink as it follows the  fingers as it moves down.    
When using the keyboard, you need to first open the running apps menu, then right click on the app
you want to exist and select close.

Transformabilty  to Convertabilty open Up the World of Touch

The following  tablet devices  will serve  additional function as they are all  transformable  from
tablet to notebooks  with simple convertible design , some  come  with part Laptop , Part tablet
design  packed with performance ,and accessing  to the world wide web  with just your fingers


Acer  Aspire S7 is part of Acer’s thin-and-light ultrabook Innovation which started with last year S3 .
it has a clean  adaptable look with  subtle beauty, its lid cover  is amazingly thin for housing a
touchscreen made of second generation Corning Gorilla glass, which is significantly thinner  
It comes  with  a  aluminium alloy keyboard for a cool minimalist look, The keys are backlit and the
devices has sensors which automatically adjust  the intensity of the illumination based on the
surrounding brightness, this lets you see the keys clearly, night or day.
The S7 has a very bright  full high definition 1,920x1,080 screen  which provide a  Higher resolution
screen displays sharper text and more vivid colours.  
The S7’ s screen can be titled until the laptop is completely a flat. To rotate the display 180 degrees
 for presentations, you just need to hit a shortcut key.

ASUS  VivoTab RT  Transformpad 

Weighing just over 500g  with  a thinness around  8.3 mm thin, this is one of the slimmest
10.11-inch tablets our, there it is even lighter and thinner than the new iPad
The VivoTab RT  transform   well and come with a docking  keyboard   

The sharp Super IPS+ display appears brighter and sharper  and view  just as  well even  under
direct bright sunlight , Its 8-megapixel rear-camera with LED Flash is considered a high-end
 feature as most of its rivals camera are only 5 megapixels,

It  looks  like a tablet  in a swing  that’s  rocks !  , the XPS 12 Seems like a regular ultrabook,
except  its  touchscreen is moveable and can be swivelled to face the person in front of you
,flip it   and present  the screen   to face  your audience .  Close the laptops lid and you can use it
 like a tablet.The Swivelling of the screen moves within  a sturdy aluminium frame  which  is hinged 
only at the mid points of the left and right sides of the frame.The screen come with full high definition
 resolution based on IPS panel technology for wider viewing angles and you have a wonderful
 screen for your eyes.

TOUCH SCREEN tablet screen   for Windows 

HP Envy 4 laptop Touchsmart comes with a touchscreen instead of statistic one.
The Touchscreen opened up a new touch experience and is equipped  with an above average
graphics card, Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM, this machine is a reliable workhorse for both
gaming and everyday computing.It come  with a  fresh  look clean  design   which  features
a brushed metallic finish on the lid and palm rest, rounded corners and neatly placed air vents
under the hinges

Lenovo  Yoga 13 

As  the device works   around  the Yoga  form  of exercise, it can  bend  and easily  twist
around  into positions  which awe  most users . The  transform-ability  of this  flexible screen
adjustment  lies in the laptop’s hinges, which are designed made   flexible enough to allow
its lid to be folded 360 degrees backwards to switch from a laptop to a tablet.
The Smart  Yoga  unit  can also be placed at an inverted V-Shape so that the screen
and the keyboard act as a stand  and user  can automatically disable the keyboard
whenever it is bent into various angles.

The 9.9mm-thick Ativ Smart PC  does not disappoint  as a Samsung product , Its speakers
 are neatly tucked on both sides of the screen, so neatly fitted   that you might even miss them
 altogether , and it come with the digester pen  just  fitted in places that many  may not even
 noticed  it

It has three  input function ,namely  Touch , Write or type  .The Ativ Smart PC lets you work
 and play  as any tablet device   but  comes with a Wacom digitiser pen  and Samsung S-Pen
 software so you can take notes and draw anything that you fancy.It is more packed feature  
samsung Note  but   with  a thin 11.6- inch touchscreen tablet designed for touch. An optional 
keyboard dock turns it into a mini-laptop when  user  like to play transformer .

Sony  Vaio Duo 11 

This slider PC Comes with full high-definition 1,920 x 1,080 resolution which means you can see
 more of the new Windows 8 stars Screen, the unique hinge keeps the display stable so it does
not buckle when you jab it with your fingers., the Vaio Duo 11 is based on the Sliding design, which
 allows   its screen  to  be pulled up from its flat tablet position to an angled laptop position.

Toshiba Satellite U920t Ultrabook 

The Laptop uses in-plane Switching (IPS) Screen technology  with a 12.5 inch screen  and is
reasonably light. At 1.45kg , this hybrid is light enough to be easily carried around, its screen is
also protected by Coming Gorilla glass, which offers better protections against scratches  or
 heavy bumps. The performance strife well  with  an Intel Core i5 processor ensures that this
 hybrid PC is able to run both modem touchscreen apps and good old Windows desktop programs

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