Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Thursday, 6 October 2011

How to Order Kindle Fire for International Countries through Comgateway Services

One after another, some success, some failures, all leading computer developers are eager and have been seduced into entering the tablet market; in order to make a name and ensure their position as the most prominent technology product provider. Apple’s impressive results of 29 million sales of iPads since the last quarter of 2010 has made it irresistible and challenging for similar competitor, to  target the World for a share of the tablet market.

So far many  tablet manufacturers has ventured into this arena, HP has flopped it with Touchpad, ACER, RIM , Samsung  all could not meet up to par  compared to Apple’s iPad .
Will this cool off the  struggle between all the  Tablet manufacturers; whose interest is to  capture  a major share against Apple. Since  HP has just withdraw from the competition, or will New Player  come in to heat up the competition further .

Now comes another competitor, perhaps the best-placed challenger of all to face Apple. Analysts predict that this Major World Leading retailer may take up a major share from  Apple .

 A Big Bite on Apple by the Large AMAZON

Amazon ‘s Kindle Fire  , an  advanced  colour version of its Kindle e-reader that will compete  realistically  against  the iPad in terms of price and aim to steal away a couple of million unit sales by  Coming Christmas. The  competition between Amazon and Apple tablets will be a  a Race  between  two  major   qualified  players; one  of which created the first and popular e-reader – the Kindle, and the  other created the first and popular iPad tablet, both  of which  has experience   and   has lead  the digital media player  revolution in progress about how entertainment and other media  are being appreciated since the   launch of  Digital Media  technology

Both companies are  Mega  rich  companies   with both  racking up record revenues and seeing their stock-market valuations cruise to new peaks .Both  has  ample resources to  pitch struggles for consumer ‘s  attention  and wallets.

 SO how will this competition benefits us as Consumers?

Amazon ‘s  major objective to win back its share and to blend in ebook readers  with the users of Tablet  devices.  Making such an investment will threaten   Apple’s   leading position and might make Apple come back into the market at a lower price.

With a Lower Price,  that  will give  all consumers  an  Option of a cheaper  Alternative and  so that  Nobody  will monopolise the  tablets’  potential  market in the  near future.

This  heated competition  will  benefit  all consumers  when  iPad  starts considering  to slim  down  or   making  further improvement  with new features  at lower costs  which  brings more  gimmick goodies  for all.

The  Amazon Kindle  Fire  is an  offspring of  the  Kindle  and the Research in Motion ( RIM )  Playbook  which is  also  a 7 inch  Mobile internet device. Kindle Fire puts Amazon's incredible selection of digital content at customers' fingertips:
·         Amazon Appstore for Android - thousands of popular apps and games
·         18 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines, and books
·         Ultra-fast web browsing - Amazon Silk
·         Free cloud storage for all your Amazon content
·         Vibrant color touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle
·         Fast, powerful dual-core processor

Its screen will be a smaller 7 inches, compared  to the ipad’s 10 inches. The  Kindle Fire   will operate by touch screen, and is powered by  a Texas instrument s dual core  processor  and Android’s  Gingerbread operating system. It has an IPS screen  with a wide viewing angle, it comes  with  8GB internal storage  and  has a micro USB connector. Also incorporated come with Wifi connection adapter which enables consumer to  access to Amazon’s  WhisperNet Service.

Apple will for the first time meet  a  competitor  whom has similar marketing strategy  who  sells movies, music and ebooks in order to sell devices .  

The Amazon tablet might be underpowered when set against the Apple ‘s iPad,  but with a price tag  at  USD 199, it  undercuts  its  Android  rivals  and also the iPad , for  the  price  is by far  at  the most competitive position  against both  iOS  and  Android User  and  with Amazon online store behind the  Kindle Fire, Android tables user of all makes  will have more compelling reasons  to switch  to  Amazon.

By concentrating on direct sales from its own website, Amazon does not have to share margins with another store. It is estimated initial sales of as many as Six  million devices has  been  forecasted before February  2012 for those who want a tablet solely for entertainment and not for professional uses.

As that is about two thirds of tablet users , Apple’s product and marketing  strategists will finally have to take a competitor seriously. Not  Only is Apple Not the only  Vulnerable competitor.
But others  like  Barnes & Noble’s successful Nook Color e-reader ,  and  also the Kobo reader  and Sony Ereader  will  face the same Fate.

Amazon will need  to  innovate  further, otherwise , it will end up like its one-time competitor borders, now vanquished.

This Kindle  Fire Device  may  sell like Hot  Cakes in the Western World  but some  Asian and international  cities and  its consumer may not  be able  to  enjoy  this unit  like all the Apple’s Product  unless  consumers  organize  a shipping workaround from the  US  . Apple presently still  hold a good  retailing  position for  rest of the world  and  has  managed  to  uphold it sales turnover in the rest of the World  region .

For consumers in  Internationally   who are not able to order the Kindle Fire directly  but  are interested    to purchase the   Amazon Kindle Fire  may  take some bit of work as Amazon  will  not ship to all addresses  in some of these countries. Even countries like Singapore and Malaysia ,  will have to find a way to work around it as follows;

Guide to  order Amazon  Product for  International Country

The Workaround is to ship the Amazon  Kindle  Fire  to a United States  Address  first using the services of online concierges services like Borderlinx , ComGateway  or vPost   who act as third party forwarder to ship your items to  your international address  .  

To  start you will need to have an account with any of these online services which will provide  you with a US address . For  example , you  might  get an  address in Beligum  with Borderlinx . To get a  Kindle Fire  , Visit  and place your order  ;
Lets  say  you r  registered and open an account at Comgateway
Type in  the US address  supplied by the concierge service  ( instead  of your  Home  address )
Complete  the payment with your credit card .
The  concierge   will provide  you  an  input  box to place  the link , of   the product  which you intend to order .
Buyer will identify and confirmed   the product link and purchase price  and   place order accordingly and  item ordered will  also reflect  at the concierge’s  website. An acknowledgement  confirmation is provided by the  service of which  they  will send  you an email to confirmed and informed  when the good  will arrive at your specified address .
A duration of few days  will allowed for the concierge  services to wait for the receiving of the  goods that  you have ordered from Amazon . Once in receipt , the concierge  will  informed to your email  its  arrival at the  US  address   and ask for further  instruction  to your email    where  buyer will input  the  international delivery address  for which the goods will be  sent  by respective mail  by the  concierge service .

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