Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Pi Xiu attracts wealth

Pi Xiu, or Pi Yao is very Famous in Chinese cultural believe in Feng Shui. It is portrayed as a winged lion. Many believe that it is a combination of earth and sea, in which means that the creature generates wealth. It has an appetite for only gold and silver. This has made believes that it possess mystical powers to draw wealth energy from all directions. This powerful creature is usually used to attract wealth or protect people against evil spirits.

A myth of Pi Xiu stated it violated a law of heaven, therefore the Jade Emperor punished it by forcing it's diet to gold and sealed its buttocks. So Pi Xiu only absorb gold. This is how Pi Xiu gained its status on attracting wealth.


  1. i dont have it, that's y i m nt rich~ hahahahah

    nanged u. Do you know any Chinese restaurant which has Malay customers? nang this