Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Monday, 19 July 2010

PIXIU , Coming with Fortune for thousand of years in China

People’s belief in Pixiu has expanded from China to many parts of the world nowadays . In some cities in China , you can find Big statue of Pixiu standing in the garden facing the most prosperous street and also during bad economy , you can find many people buying up Jade pixius to placed in their home and business premises.
Pi Xiu is also called Bi Xie, which means warding off evil, in the northern parts of China. It is one of the auspicious beasts in Chinese culture. There are a couple of variations of the beast. The beast with one horn is called Tian Lu, and the beast with two horns is known as Bi Xie. It has short wings, a curly tail, a mane and a beard. Pi Xiu is regarded as an auspicious beast because the wider its mouth opens the more money it earns. The more spherical its belly becomes, the more money it contains.
People like the Pi Xiu because it is characterized with an uncommon feature of having a mouth, but no excretion anus. This symbolizes saving, but not spending money. People aspire to be like the Pi Xiu, and not spend giant sums of money, or endlessly pursue luck or fortune.
Pi Xiu in modern days are generally considered to link to the many types of money-generating channels governed by gambling But this has been discarded nowadays as China is More open to let other knows its history since the opening of China economy .Two Good beneficiaries whom use Pixiu were Emperor Qian Long whom always carry One white jade Pixiu piece with him and another is the Soong Family whose famous daughters -the Soong sisters, their forefather also has a Piece of White Pixiu Jade with their family which brought them much Wealth and Power over the years during the China’s most significant political stage of the early 20th century
In the Shizhouji , contained in the huge Taoist compilation Daocang , it notes that: In the third year of the reign Zhenghe ( [90 B.C.], when the Han Emperor Hanwudi visited An-ting, the King of the Western barbarians, offered a ‘Fierce Beast’ that resembled a fifty or sixty day-old puppy, as large as a civet but brown in color. He ordered his envoy to present it to the Emperor. When the Emperor saw the envoy holding it as if it were a dog which looked emaciated, hairless and weak, he doubted the genuineness of the tribute.
Present days nobody really knows how the actual Pixiu looks like then but it has evolves into many form and shapes , some ancient carving were found showing the drawing or olden carving with looks and depict as the Pi xiu were also being display at famous Museum , eg the Taiwan’s Taipei's National Palace Museum has some on display .One of the oldest collection is available in China ,when the Gold laid mythological animal yearing warring states period 475-221 BC 40 cm long was unearthed at Pingsan ,Hubei Province thus shows Chinese belief in Pixiu has been since hundreds of years
In tribute to ''Pi Xiu's ferocity and prowess in battle, 'The ''Pi Xiu'' was synonymous with the army in ancient China, many of the army flag of these armies will have a symbol of the Pixius to symbolize their fearsome power and might .As Pixiu has always been praised for its fearsomeness that with a single cry it can subdue a thousand men, frighten the various domestic animals and the hundred creatures into breaking their tethers, and make soldiers lose their strength all at once.
For modern business men , Pixiu is therefore placed at their place of business , to ward of competition and to ensure smooth business transaction to daily business operation to ensure good profit margins .
During China's history, ''Pi Xiu'' were commonly displayed in ancient architecture to ward off ''Yin Qi'' ( Non performing Bad energy ) and to harness auspicious ' Good “Qi “- Good Energy
The statues of a Pixiu are commonly found on the four corners of the roofs of houses--usually houses of important people such as the emperor. The Pixiu is lined 5th, behind the dragon, phoenix, winged horse and sea horse. In ancient China, statues of ''Pi Xiu'' were also used as tomb guardians. The following will helps you to identify the right one to use

★ ''Pi Ya'' - must be placed facing out of the house. Displaying ''Pi Ya'' at the affected area of the house or office can avoid misfortune and disasters. For displaying towards openings or entrance, a pair of ''Pi Ya'' is needed.

★ ''Tian Lu ''- for attracting wealth, one may place it at the desired wealth area such as attractive wealth area or accumulative wealth area. Do not place ''Tian Lu'' facing directly on any person like a confronting position. Ideally, ''Tian Lu'' should not be place on the floor but it should never be place above eye level.Tian has 2 wing by its body , and usually come with fang and a horn ….
Fengshui experts say that the Pixiu can protect homes, exorcise devils and raise fortune and power for the master. There is a saying that goes: “touch a Pixiu on its butt and you will get a good luck and be protected against bad scheming character in your daily life . After getting up in the morning, burn three Cai Shen (God of Wealth) joss sticks, hold Pi Xiu above the joss sticks and turn in circles, and then put it at a place facing inside the door.
Every morning after getting up, fondle Pi Xiu from it’s horn to the butt for one minute so that the spirits of Pi Xiu and the master can communicate with each other. Do not touch it’s eyes and mouth
Never let others touch your Pi Xiu, the others who touch usually will have their luck extracted by the Pixiu.
Normally you only need to put a glass of clean water in the middle of the Pi Xiu’s. When the glass becomes dry, it is the time the spirit of Pi Xiu shows its present and power
Usually there are three materials used in Pixiu sculpting: copper, wood and jade. Copper is a relatively cheap medal and looks like gold after polishing. Wood was used traditionally in sculpturing Pixiu figures on the joist of a big house to keep out bad luck usually placed on roof top on old Chinese house . In recent years, various kinds of jade have been used in Pixiu sculpturing with much preference for white good jade .
There are some taboos in positioning Pixius indoors. First, don’t put its head towards the front door, because the front door is the precinct of another god. Second, don’t put it towards mirrors, because the light from the mirrors will make the Pixiu feel nervous. Third, don’t put it against your bed, because that is believed to do harm to yourself.
Disclaimer : the reader agrees that the provided information is a compilation of folklore tales and are not responsible for the success or failure of reader’s decision relating to any information provided.

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