Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Wealth Street in Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia

As we walk down the street at the Pavilion in Malaysia , you can see the recent development along Malaysia’s Wealthiest street , along the side you will feel the brisk of yuppies shoppers doing their window shopping and browsing all the top branded goods , while some will join the long queue of customers lining up for some exclusive boutique to open , so that they can get the classic models of handbangs recently introduced . I thought it happens only at galleries lafayette in France or at Canton street in Hongkong , but here the queue might be shorter , but you might find middle eastern rich tourist here joining the queue with some Chinese tourist.

Pavilion shopping center

At night, as we strolled down the same street ,we come across the Hutong food court at the lower level of Lot 10 shopping centre , where you will find some of the most luxurious stalls serving some of best of the best local food of Malaysia .
Further along the street , we come by the most exclusive Starhill shopping centre where the whole building is packed with exclusive branded goods and after shopping around in the building ,we could feel it has an exclusive class of its own , with it’s surrounding playing nice classical music giving an ambient of soothing rich feeling to the shoppers .

Truly Malaysia has display its wealth , with a further growing economy with a forecast of GDP of 6 % this year . This wealth is promptly displayed with the Night glamour and spotlights surrounding the Exclusive and Ever Prosperous KL Twin Tower which stood proudly within the Night beauty of the City.

Along Bukit Bintang

The Twin Towers

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