Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Sunday, 2 March 2014

New Korea Drama Attracts Wealth of Viewership exceeding Billion views on Video as K –pop Culture exceeds above law of attraction, a popular online streaming service in China recently  bought the right to bring  South Korean’s new TV drama  You Who Came  From the Stars  to china  TV viewer   and is attracting a wealth of viewership ,  reaching a new high of how a popular  k- drama in short  breeze of time manage  top TV  raking  hitting  top viewership in China

The  full  episodes on iQIYI have been viewed more than 550 million times. And the number doesn’t even take into account of websites that feature the show illegally.

Every week when a new episode comes out, it became  the top trending topics on Weibo, China’s leading social media, with  millions of user searching  for  details  on its storyline or the characters. For example, as both  the male actor  Do Min-Joon and female  actor , Cheon Song-yi is the top searched keyword on Weibo. 

The show is so popular that it may just as well save China’s declining poultry market amid the recent health crisis  affected  by  the  new deadly bird flu fears. “Fried chicken and beer” are the heroine’s favorite treat, especially on a snowing day. During the recent Valentine’s Day, many restaurants in China promoted “fried chicken and beer” as their main Valentine dish.

Alien fever triumphs bird flu.

The drama  brought  on New Found Wealth  as  the advertisement   accompanying  each  serial broadcast each week  shot  up ,with advertiser  hoping  to  catch  up with the hot trends  for maximum  customer  clicking on their  advertisement ,the millions of viewers covering  from china to South  east Asian viewers  were mostly streaming   to watching online with  their portable gadgets . the online  streaming  each tooks hours as each serial  last average 45 minutes per show and  viewer  were watch average  2  episodes  while travelling   or relaxing at home . What brought  on such popularity  was further enhanced as viewer simple shared the video on line  using social media  and the   raking  just  keep shooting  up .
The  show is a romantic comedy about an alien who comes to Korea during the Joseon Dynasty 400 years ago. He shifts to modern times and falls in love with an actress. The  storyline were  written by Park Ji Eun, who  works include  the drama My Husband Got A Family, which  will be produced by Jang Tae Yoo.

The lead role, Do Min Joon, who has a fascinating appearance and has  wonderful abilities, comes to Joseon by UFO, and  has lived for four centuries by changing his identity, and falls in love with an actress named Chun Song E
September 25, 1609. An alien crash  landed in  Joseon. For 404 years, he is living as a young handsome man and  has kep his original self  as the first time he came to the Earth. He has eyes of a hawk, and ears of a wolf, and he can move great speed.

 In certain moments, he can foresee the near future of someone. But he carefully hides his powers and never uses them. Until he can leave Earth, he plans to live peacefully with dignity and not get involved with anyone. Fundamentally, he is very cynical about love. He believes that love, as talked about by humans, is basically curiosity, jealousy, sexual desires, possessiveness, sympathy that is misunderstood.

But once Min Joon meets a woman named Cheon Song Yi, his life without his consent is filled with unexpected situations. For the first time after 400 years in Earth, this beautiful man from outer space starts to  understand  real love. And as his real identity is revealed to the world, he is threatened and becomes in danger.

But the real beating heart of the show is the heroine Cheon Song-yi, played by Jun Ji-hyun. Song-yi has been a star since childhood and was once crowned South Korea’s “national sweetheart.” Her fame gradually vanished after one of her rival stars was murdered by the evil guy in the show. Jun gives the character life by playing her as a proud (about her beauty), creative  and  outgoing  girl , but vulnerable at  times

 “She is a perfect goddess in one minute, and then in the next minute, she is a completely silly girl.”

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