Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Sunday, 26 February 2012

iPad Provide Wealth of Digital Literacy and Social Networking


School   should  rethink  their approach  to  building digital communication skills so that students can share and develop their ideas and aspirations online,

Digital literacy and social communication training should enable students to use social media as a platform  so that they can share their values. Once students can articulate their skills and aspirations online, they  also  learned better control of their behaviour and improved their communication skills ,  they can  start  conversation with a new audience who might engage with them in all  creative  ways. 

We should not  stop digital literacy training that uses the internet and social media to achieve pre-defined outcomes such  as finding a job or setting up a business.  There  has  to be commitment  and rewards for student online to pursue  knowledge  but also  to  learn the basis of making a living .
To acquire knowledge  is  sometime expensive especially if the student  is not sponsored nor  yet finding  income to support  his studies  and  yet  keep  enrolling for course which  sometime  are expensive and exceed their capacity  .Mentors and teachers  will need   to   relay the ideas  to student  take up such training with integrity , creativeness  and entrepreneurship  spirit  to ensure  a clear  focus agenda  that acquiring  knowledge  is Not a task   , and  DO Not to forget  how to live . 

 “Networked literacy is what the web is about. It’s about understanding how people and communication networks work. It’s the understanding of how to find information and how to be found. It’s about how to read hyperlinked text articles, and understand the connections that are made when you become “friends” or “follow” someone on a network. It’s the understanding of how to stay safe and how to use the networked knowledge that is the World Wide Web. Networked Literacy is about understanding connections.”
... by  Jeff Utecht of the  Thinking stick .

His quote   “It’s the understanding of how to find information and how to be found” is a relatively  useful  advice  to  remind to Net user  to appreciate and  understand the concept of internet  marketing and  understanding that  Social Networking will be part of  requirement in time when one graduate from his studies, to be ready for the working  market. It’s the idea of teaching students that they should explore the use of  social networking  sites  like Facebook , mySpace  and through other web connections. We need to teach them how to use those networks to spread their message  to share  their  ideas .

With consideration   on  popularity of the iPad Tablet , the quote above summarizes   how we can move from using   this  "Gadget  Tool" mentality switch  to  "Social networking Tool" mentality.It's about harnessing these revolutionary  gadget  from a  mobile enabled internet device purposes and transform  it into a tool necessary for survival and success in today's world. 

 The iPad (and similar tablet devices) bring is a whole new world of possibilities by adding another dimension in the  world of  connectivity  complete with interactive linking, embedded videos, and a whole lot more.
Using the iPad  for social networking  ,it allows surfing  on the web  in a more productive ways with splendour  and fun  .  Experiencing the social networking by using iPad is excellent as it allows  using iPad social networking applications such as Photos, SMS, GPS, Multiplayer Game, Calendar, Video, IM, Personal page . Web browsing with iPad  includes faster functioning and brilliant visualization of web pages such as vibrant color, readable sharp text size in portrait or landscape on the large Multi-Touch screen. 

There is a long list of amazing features that takes share in increasing the fun of social networking on the iPad. An iPad user can easily add more and in his own specific way by integrating the iPad social networking applications
The  iPad   interact with social networking sites with faster speed of internet. Everything on touch screen with few finger taps and roll overs makes the social networking amazing for user. 

As  the World  economy  is  facing  the Ups and  down , and  with the Euro Crisis  still not resolved .. Starting your own business may not be the easiest choice, but it could well be the difference between being able to foot  for your  further studies    having to face some other difficult choices.
After  being familiar  with  the social networking functionality on the iPad , it will be appropriate to explore  the following methods  to make money online  and try beating the recession
The first initial  step to  do some research  and  set  up a business plan    . There are many business and money making opportunities on the internet  . Check out some good  money making  model , follow the people who are successful at making money on the internet and visit their website  to check  out what you can learn from their experience . Follow what they do, watch them for the changes they make to their websites, blogs, videos, and press releases. This should show you how they make money online and it is important to constantly be thinking about what they are doing, and if you think it could be something you do also. Try model ling  them and follow their successful ways

Next  copy and replicate those who are successful on the internet by Learning  how they make money online.   Make your decision and proceed  signing up for opportunities, paying entry fees or starter package fees, and creating accounts with blogs and videos and article sites. Do not expect to be generating income  during  your initial venture   This phase of effort  is just  a starting point for where you will be taking your online endeavors.  Be determined and follow your business Plan

Proceed to take action on your plan. Whether it is blogging ,  writing articles, creating videos, start ing your affiliate program   or developing Apps  you must take action in order to receive results. Do not expect to just sit back and relax at this stage , focus  effort to practice internet marketing for your product and services  ,and bring  what you can offer to the world . Utilize your skill  in  Social networking  which  is  viral and   spreads news mouth to mouth  as  it is an effective  way of  marketing. Use  your embedded Mobile technology from your ipad to use  get  yourself connected in the Mobile and social networking landscape
It gives you the  mobility so you can connect social networking sites from anywhere and at any time basis. You can send tweets  on Twitter while you are commuting and  You can make comments or send messages while  you are in the  train  or  taxi . This much of mobility increases your exposure to the social media and thus your chances of good business.

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