Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Friday, 29 July 2011

FACE OFF! Between Captain America and the Twisted Gladiator-Ghostbuster

Director Chai Yee Wei is well known for his ability to create horror films which have the same tone and effect to those produced in Hong Kong and Thailand. His success was portrayed in his 2009 child-possession flick, Blood Ties. Now, he is back with a new movie, Twisted, a 3 part horror film.

In the first plot, it revolves around a drug dealer (played by Mark Lee) and his girlfriend (played by Candy Lim). He kills his pregnant girlfriend in a car crash and the haunting begins. He takes on the ghost on a one to one battle, and creates a make-shift armor from his car parts. Mark Lee’s comical battle does not pull through well, as the battle was long and there was no point for it.

The second story is more of a black comedy, rather than a ghost story. It is about 2 evil stewards’ attempting to drug and rape 2 hot stewardess. However, in their attempt, they killed more people accidentally than reaching their goals. There were no ghosts involved.

The last story has 2 mediums set on investigating on a possessed daughter and her creepy mother. It is a part-funny, part-serious story, but flows in the same old ghost story flow. Overall, Twisted does not have much twists its story and does not show its full scare-potential.

The poster of Twisted looks uncannily similar to that of our dear Captain America. With Mark Lee’s make shift armor mimicking Cap’s almighty shield. Was this intended by the director from the start?

Captain America is known to be one of Marvel’s greatest super hero of all time. Once deemed an unfit soldier, Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans), volunteers for an experimental program which turns normal humans into super soldiers. With his new powers, he was called Captain America. He is a beacon of hope to his country and his people. His story of his battle against Red Skull is well known to many.

Between the 2 films, Captain America is obviously having greater support than that of Twisted. However, Captain America’s film seems to reflect strongly on the previous James Bond film, a guy with plenty of gadgets. Overall, Cap America’s rating would reign higher for a 3 and a half star; half a star better than that of Twisted.

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