Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I have just recently made a recent trip to Hong Kong. It is a really wonderful place. The city is well developed and is continuing to grow financially stronger and bigger both economic and structural terms. As of October 2007 Hong Kong's stock exchange has been the 6th largest in the world, with around US$3 trillion worth of capitalisation. With the same area of land, about 1100 square km, Hong Kong has a really remarkably accomplished as the leading Financial Center in Asia .

Since many years ago , people believe Hong Kong’s success has been attained due to it’s good Feng Shui and truly some places in Hongkong , the Feng Shui’s Qi is typically been able to contribute good wealth

A good example is the God of Wealth who is known for bring wealth and joy to the world. At Hongkong’s Repulse Bay, the statue of the God of Wealth stands there. Repulse Bay is now one of the most expensive housing areas, with some property prices as high as US$2500 per square feet. Several millionaires, such as , Sir Run Run Shaw ,Mr Li Ka Shing , Mr En Tong Sween own properties and houses around Repulse Bay. It was said that, the statues of the various Gods in the area brought such wealth and prosperity to fellow residents in the area also .

There is a special ritual in which people perform, to gain the blessing of wealth from the statue of the god of wealth. It was said that people should rub his forehead, hands and belt, after which they need to keep it in their pockets to gain such blessings.

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