Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Red Awesomeness for Chinese New Year

The Year of Wood Sheep   will  require  plenty  of Red energy  ,as the flying star #3   flies to the central palace  which  mostly reside in the central of the house. To subdue the  # 3   flying star . the Fire energy  will be  able to  weaken  it   and   good strong shade of  red color  will help for  this extent .

Some  wonderful ideas of Red decoration 

Be  blissful   and  Learn some Wonderful   Mantra 

For Buddhist , the  saying of  chanting  the   " Eighty Eight  Buddhas Great Repentance " mantra 
during the Chinese New Year , as per above  picture chart  from Guanyincitta 
will  purifies eons of negative  karma and brings blessing  of happiness, peace  and goodwill 

For Tibetian  Buddhism , the Tibetian New Year ( Losar ) coincides with the Chinese New Year and every days in their first 15 days  are  good to perform plenty of prayers  and doing of  good deeds . 

It  Is a good time  to  also Get enchanted with the  Secrets of  the  ultimate  Buddhist’s  Relic   as  it unfolds  , the  day the Famensi’s  treasure  was  discovered  happened to be   Sakyamuni’s  birthday in the lunar Calender  .  People couldn’t help but marvel the coincidence of the discovery. Check out at  to    trace  the odyssey of the relic  from india  until the glamorous period during the Tang dynasty  when  Buddhism  reach  its heights and was  respected  highly by  imperial  royalties for centuries  .
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