Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Golden Year of Wood Sheep 2015 Bestows Wealth with Abundance

The Wood Goat  Favors the Good Wealth to various Zodiacs especially to the Dragon , Tiger  and  the Monkey .

Success luck  simmers  but  stay  strong   for even  those zodiac  which  might   be  quite weak  in Wealth Luck   and  while  most of the  other signs   moderate , the  Rooster , Ox  and Snake   will need  to boost further  to improve their wealth Luck

In 2015  , wealth  luck is brought  on by Wood element ,therefore   focus  to  bring  the element of wood  into  your  home  which activate   wealth luck . the Years  is blessed  with several auspicious stars , an d typically  in the  North , South   and Southeast  sector .

The Prosperity Star 8  zoom and flies into the North .

The Year  will  require  plenty  of Red energy  ,as the flying star #3   flies to the central palace  which  mostly reside in the central of the house. To subdue the  # 3   flying star . the Fire energy  will be  able to weaken  it , and good strong shade of  red color  will help for  this extent .

Make sure  is a bright   red color ,that  also will boost  Chinese  preference of RED AWESOMENESS 
for the  CHINESE  NEW YEAR  WEALTH  CHI 's Feeling 

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