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Mystic wealth

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Buy Amazon Kindlefire with delivery to Singapore ,Malaysia and Indonesia

 The  AmazonKindlefire is  not available  to major Asian  cities direct  from Amazon  but with consideration of the  competitive  price in comparison  to major  brand like  the Samsung  Galaxy Tab  ,  Many consumers  will not mind  to pay  for the services to workaround to arrange the  Kindle Fire  to ship  to their international  with paying  for a concierge services

For some reasons, Amazon doesn't ship Kindlefire  to Singapore, Malaysia , Indoneisa , Thailand , Philippine, Vietnam , Hongkong   However, There is a workaround  way  to  buy and order  from  Amazon at a relatively NO RISK  Method  .. For  example to buy a kindlefire  in Singapore you need to pay thru a concierge service via paypal or credit  card .  Your kindlefire  should be shipped to US address first and then forwarded to Singapore.
 The Workaround is to ship the Amazon Kindle Fire  to a United States  Address  first using the services of online concierges services like Borderlinx , ComGateway  or vPost   who act as third party forwarder to ship your items to  your international address  .  
To  start you will need to have an account with any of these online services which will provide  you with a US address . For  example , you  might  get an  address in Beligum  with Borderlinx , but usually  a US address is provided .
To get a  Kindle Fire  , Visit  and place your order  ;
Lets  say  you are  registered and open an account at Comgateway
Type in  the US address  supplied by the concierge service  ( instead  of your  Home  address )
Complete  the payment with your credit card .
The  concierge   will provide  you  an  input  box to place  the link , of   the product  which you intend to order .
Buyer will identify and confirmed   the product link and purchase price  and   place order accordingly and  item ordered will  also reflect  at the concierge’s  website. An acknowledgement  confirmation is provided by the  service of which  they  will send  you an email to confirmed and informed  when the good  will arrive at your specified address .
A duration of few days  will allowed for the concierge  services to wait for the receiving of the  goods that  you have ordered from Amazon . Once in receipt , the concierge  will  informed to your email  its  arrival at the  US  address   and ask for further  instruction  to your email    where  buyer will input  the  international delivery address  for which the goods will be  sent  by respective mail  by the  concierge service .

The Kindle Fire is a multipurpose tablet for apps, games, internet and videos and music. Of course, the Kindle Fire can read kindle e-books and magazines in full color.
Kindle Fire is now available for pre-order. If you like it, you should order now to get in the queue. Amazon will not charge your credit card until the kindle has been shipped to you.
1. Go to  and create  an account
  • Look for sign in link at the top of the screen. Click New customer? "Start here".
  • If you are already a member you can sign in at this step.
2. Go to  Comgateway  and sign up. Comgateway  is a third party mail forwarder. Once you sign up at Comgateway ( FREE )  , you  will get a US address where your Kindlefire  will be shipped to  first. Comgateway  will then ship your Kindlefire  to Singapore.

 3.  Next  choose the  BuyForMe – Service
This service is perfect for 
-       merchants that don't accept your non-U.S. credit card
-       shoppers who don't want to manage shipping within the U.S.

With BuyForMe, buyer  will informed  ComGateway  the  item  they wish to buy  by inputing a product  link in a input box provided by the  site , state  what you want to buy, pay direct to comGateway and they will make that purchase for you on your behalf. Comgateway  will arrange for your packages to be sent to  your   “”My  U.S. Address”” . Please note there is a 5%-10% fee for this service.
4. Your packages have arrived at My U.S. Address. What next?
 You'll receive an email 1-2 working days after your packages arrive at My U.S. Address.
Log into My Account at or your link on your email notification and you’ll be able to find real-time detailed information about your packages. View how much they individually weigh, date of receipt, scanned invoice of package, and  repack availability status.
Since  some packages approve or arrived over weekend or   at different times, ComGateway  will  store  your parcel  for up to 15 days upon receipt, absolutely free!
Once all your purchases have arrived, you might want to consider repacking or consolidating your packages to save further on shipping costs.

5. Go to kindle product page. Make sure you go to the Kindle page for US, not for international shipping.
6. Select "Add to cart" and add your kindle accessories as you need. If you're done, proceed  : copy the link of the selected product  and   visit  to  your   account   ComGateway and  paste the link  to the  Input  box. From there Comgateway  will take on . Check out and Comgateway  will charge you  for the service  with the price of the ordered goods together
7. After your make a purchase, just wait for your kindle to arrive at ComGateway  and they will send you a confirmation email.
9. Relax and wait for your kindlefire  to arrive in Singapore  ( Beside Singapore  ,it applies also for all the other approved countries  in Asian Cities
How much does it cost to buy a Kindle in Singapore?
Shipping Kindlefire  to Asean  Cities  by Comgateway  usually costs around 20-30 USD . Price may vary depend on your accessories.
Charging kindle in Your Cities
Kindle Fire comes with US power adapter which you can use with universal plug adapter to charge the tablet in Singapore. Kindle Fire also supports charging from computer via USB.
Shipping duration and tracking
It usually takes about 3-5 business days to ship kindle from amazon to an US address. You can track shipment by logging in to your amazon and comgateway’s  account.  After that, ComGateway  will ship your kindle to Singapore in about 5-8 days. This process can also be tracked  in your ComGateway ‘s account.
Recommended kindle cover  

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