Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Popular Mega Book Sales at Bookfest Malaysia

Bookfest is back in Malaysia for the fifth time this year. This time it is bringing along with it a bigger, wider and better range of books than ever before. It will be situated at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre @ Kuala Lumpur. The event will stretch through a total of five halls, from Hall 1 to Hall 5. Publishers and writers from countries, mainly Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom will be at this event. New books will be released, new authors will rise and definitely, more new business opportunities will open up.

However, with the new development in technology we are looking at Ebook readers and applications for books online. We do not see much of such technology being publicized and displayed during the last Bookfest in 2011 . We do hope to see more of such technologies being promoted for the coming show . The Savvies generations are now equipped with the latest gadgets, which helps them keep in contact with the rest of the world and If the leading book organizers were to promote books on these digital platforms, we may be able to entice the younger generation to read more again. An example of a book trying to do this is “Blogging by Million, Earn by Million”.

“Blogging by Million, Earn by Million” is a book written to encourage Youths and Savvies to take up the challenge to explore into all New Media Technologies and using them to start off into entrepreneurship . Through the book, it is an effort to hope that the Youth would put their time to much better use when they are surfing online and develop their creative ideas into new media ideas which will benefits to the economy and society meanwhile enriching oneself .
When they use their Facebook , Twitter and social networking accounts each day, they could use the time to promote their own business ideas, or their own line of products.

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How do you do that effectively? And how can you expand further on such knowledge?
“Blogging by Million, Earn by Million” will be able to provide the information, tips and aids needed for newbies and existing Internet marketers to better their businesses, and may then improve on their sales as well.

For those who would like to “Benefit by Million”, “Learn by Million”, “Improve Sales by Million”, Be Known by Million”, “Sell by Million” ,”Download by Million ,and “Earn by Million” through the use of the Internet . One can always have a look at the book “Blogging by Million, Earn by Million” to learn the arts and ways to success through the Social Media way.
The book is available in your various ebook format and New Apps store, like the following:

Books in digital format ,be it supported with ebooks apps or epud- format should also be strongly introduced at such Big Shows as the trend of reading with ebook reading device will soon be another norm as we witness the fast growth and sales of Tablet and Smartphone globally .
Such Smart device has enhance the features of portability and allow every individual carry with them all their favorite book and magazine in digital format allowing them to read as and when they wish

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