Mystic wealth

Mystic wealth

Sunday, 28 August 2011

BookFest@Malaysia-Update :Tun Dr Mahathir Makes An Impact at Bookest@ Malaysia 2011

The  draw  of  crowd to the  BookFest @ Malaysia  has been  overwhelming   even  though  I expect  Kuala Lumpur   City  should not be bustling  with heavy traffic   Jam  like during  Normal  work  days , especially when  this  week is the  golden  holidays  week , where  most  people  would  have   gone   back   to their home town   to celebrate  the Ramadan  Holidays .

Maybe  Truly  Bookfest@ Malaysia   could  be   organising a Mega  sales    that could be  one of its  kind   bustling  with   Special  deals  from Books   to stationary , as  I noticed  the halls  were crowded
Among   bustle and  hustle  and  I noticed   most visitors  moving   towards  the main stage  where  it is  organise  like a speaker’s  corner  for  Author and Publisher   to talk  about their  books

 As  I  moved  towards the stage , the PA  system announced, “Lets Welcome   Tun  Dr Mahathir “  , Well  I  can understand  why the crowd  now  as   our truly patriotic Former  Prime Minister   of Malaysia  has  always  been  a draw  of crowds  at  any  occasion  where he has been  invited ,  and this  round   he is    here   at the Bookfest  for the launch  of  the Chinese edition of his memoirs  “A Doctor in the House (yi sheng dang jia)  “with loud applause from the crowd
While maintaining a consistent smile, Tun Dr Mahatir  took to the stage,  he is appearing   at the  bookfest  as an accomplished  VIP  author  to  promote  his  Books  and   took  to his fan’s questions fielded by members of the public in a question-and-answer session.
“ I  enjoyed 22 years of working and until now I still work from  morning  to 6pm, such as meeting people, writing and reading,” he told a crowd at the BookFest@Malaysia 2011.  At this  Q & A , some  political question  were also fielded and   DR Mahathir  who  always  has a flair  with  quotes answered  to the floor  when a person ask  about  the recent Bersih  Demonstration;
He  quoted ;  "No one should be entitled to everything that he thinks he is entitled to, because everyone must make some sacrifice."
Responding to another question from the floor , who asked about how he managed  to  turn around Malaysia's economy during the 1997-1998 financial crisis,   Dr Mahathir said:
“If you keep your money under your pillow, the economy will never grow ………the reply  was   jovial and  a pleasant  answer  to the  crowd who responded with applause.
On  another  question from a person  who  ask  how he managed  his time for his age , well he answered ;
“ People who retire, please don't just go to sleep and stay at home. Do something because if you are interested in doing things, you will live longer,” Dr Mahathir said to laughter and applause from the crowd.
I like  this  remark  as he  reminded  us  , to keep  upgrading oneself  and  also  keep  our  mind  focused to  acquire  more knowledge  with  now easy access to the  internet .
Dr  Mahathir  is the former  statesman  who has  brought in the MSC  to this country  , and  I believe   he brings  forth  and open   an opportunity  for  everybody  to be  able  to appreciate  the New  Digital  Media  Era  and  how he  has contributed  to reduce  the digital divide between the Old and the Young .

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